American Revolution of Jamaica Ave

January 1, 2012 it started the revolution broke out. I am a teacher who teacher junior English at a high school, or at least I was. I happen to be dead now but I can say I was killed by my patriotisms. My name is Jen Nnil, Mrs. Nnil for short I was teaching a class when it happened, a teacher came in and frantically told a riot has broken out in Jamaica Ave. over the Copenhagen bill President Obama said to pass bringing on a new world order which many third world countries and a few super power countries would sign.

The Americans had enough, but by the time I had began to change my mind about this Oh so great country it was too late. The police had murdered everybody who opposed the one Jamaica Ave., and quickly made their way to Rockaway they were moving into schools and making their point on American children and teachers. They just blew up the schools that had lay on Rockaway which my school was on. When I realized I had died I noticed I didn’t go to a heaven nor did I go to a hell.

I was just in the middle on earth just no one can see or hear me. I watched an America this great country became a communist super power. I watched a mother, Father and child were slaughtered for not agreeing.
But the worst part of me dying would have to be that I had to watch my family is tortured. I watched as my grandchildren were taking to camps to and the wicked views of Obama being pushed on to them. I watched as my grandchildren turned evil beating foreigners because they were told to. But the worst part of all would have to be watching my son have to kill a man.

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