The Rights, Responsibilities and Privileges of A United States Citizen Sample

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We. as United States citizens. have many duties. privileges. and rights. With rights and privileges come duties. Freedom is one of our most of import privileges. but in order to hold freedom. we must accept the duties of being United States citizens. We besides have privileges such as freedom and the right to keep any authorities occupation or public office. Citizens have many rights such as freedom of address. faith. and imperativeness. We besides have the really of import right to vote. It is really of import for United States citizens to exert and pattern the duties. privileges. and rights that come along with being a citizen.

United States citizens have many duties. Among those duties are: to be to the full responsible for our ain actions and for the effects of those actions ; to esteem the rights and beliefs of others ; to give understanding. apprehension. and assist to others ; to make our best to run into our ain and our families’ needs ; to esteem and obey the Torahs ; to esteem the belongings of others. both private and public. We besides must portion with others our grasp of the benefits and duties of freedom. take part constructively in the nation’s political life ( ballot ) . aid freedom survive by presuming personal duty for its defence. and esteem the rights and to run into the duties on which our autonomy remainders and our democracy depends. Serving on a jury and esteeming the different sentiments. civilizations. cultural groups. and faiths found in the United States are besides duties for United States citizens.

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United States citizens have many privileges. Freedom is the most valuable privilege. Freedom is really of import to many citizens in the United States of America. Citizens besides have the privilege of keeping any public office or the right to keep authorities occupations. U. S. citizens can besides populate outside of the United States every bit long as they like without losing their right to populate in this state. unlike some other states. Another privilege is go throughing citizenship on to your kids. If you are a citizen and you have kids. your kids will be citizens excessively.

As United States citizens. we have many rights. In the Bill of Rights. the I Amendment allows freedom of address. faith. and imperativeness. and the right to peacefully assemble and besides the right to petition the Government for a damages of grudges.

The II Amendment allows citizens the right to bear weaponries. The III Amendment stops all soldiers from come ining a house without the permission of its proprietor. The IV Amendment states that a person’s place can non be searched or seized without a warrant with likely cause. There are 27 amendments in all. but merely the first 10 are considered the Bill of Rights. Another really of import right is the right to vote ( XV Amendment ) . This amendment states the undermentioned: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall non be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on history of race. colour. or old status of servitude. ” XIX Amendment granted all American adult females the right to vote in 1920. In 1971 Amendment XXVI gave citizens of the United States. who are 18 old ages of age or older. the right to vote.

Although many duties come with being a United States citizen. all the benefits and rights make it worthwhile. Vote is the most of import duty for United States citizens. Freedom is the most valuable privilege for citizens. To me. the most of import right is freedom of address. Everyone should be able to talk their head. and in the United States. they can. In order for us to maintain freedom in our state. we must execute our duties. Freedom and duty are common and inseparable ; we can guarantee enjoyment of the one merely by exerting the other. Freedom for all of us depends on duty by each of us. With Rights come Responsibilities–As United States citizens. we must accept duty with the gift of security of our rights. Personally. I am really pleased to be a United States citizen and live in a free society.

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