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How would you experience if mundane from 9 to 5 you hear. repair me a cup of java. secretary ; file these documents. secretary ; schedule a meeting. secretary. This chant reminds me of the 1 that Cinderella’s stepmother and sisters where stating when they wanted the house clean and to forestall this immature lady from go toing the ball to run into her prince charming. Although that narrative was fictional. Marge Piercy managed to alter the melody from a Cinderella’s chant to The Secretary Chant. She describes the responsibilities and personal feelings that female secretaries are excessively afraid to state because they may lose their occupations for taking a base. A base for what. you may inquire. A base to be treated as a human being and non as a machine. As a secretary myself. I am empathetic to Piercy’s feelings. Each twenty-four hours that I go to my occupation. I wonder if my employer understands how of import I am to her concern. Make she truly understand that without a devoted secretary her concern would be in entire pandemonium?

Marge Piercy brought my feelings to life with this verse form. She starts off with the line on how she has become one with her environment. one with her desk and the supplies that accentuate it. “My hips are a desk. ” “From my ears hang ironss of paper cartridge holders. Rubber bands organize my hair. ” The lines start to paint a physical description of what she ( Piercy or secretary ) feels as though she is going. She continues depicting her visual aspect with the lines “breasts are quills of Roneo ink. ” and ” pess bear casters. ”

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The sound in this verse form creates a feeling of wont and inanity to the reader. “My caput is a severely organized file. My caput is a patchboard. ” Please acquire Judge Day’s helper on the line. Alveria. I need for you to run to the courthouse and file these supplications every bit shortly as possible. Make you retrieve what Mr. Frazier’s figure is off the top of your caput? Call the P. I. and see what he has found out about our client. Make you retrieve if I scheduled a follow up with Ms. Smith? When you get the Judge’s helper on the line allow me cognize. These are merely a few of my experiences that relates to these lines. we merely had two lines in the office. but you would believe we had fifty the manner the phones was pealing and all the calls I had to do at one clip. You get the sense that her occupation is excess and she can make if off the top of her caput. The fact that she uses direct office imagination creates a sense of usage that the verse form conveys so good. “My hips are a desk. I am about to bedelivered of a babe Xerox machine. ”

Piercy uses unusual metaphors. as stated in the above paragraphs. that demonstrates or conveys that this ‘woman. ’ which is no more. is working as a machine with one intent. and that is to acquire the assigned ( programmed ) worked done. so that her employer looks good and the concern is successful. A few illustrations of machine operations ( metaphors ) are “Press my finger and in my eyes appear recognition and debit. ” “My naval is a reject button. From my mouth issue canceled reams. ” “Zing. Tinkle. ”

Last. Piercy’s last mention to filing is non merely touching on the objectification and usage of a adult female. but besides on our human demand to sort things. “File me under W because I wonce was a adult female. ” We have a demand to generalise. that can sometimes take to the devastation of the person and I think this is another point that could be interpreted from these lines and the verse form as a whole. I say that because during the clip this verse form was wrote ( 1970s ) . adult females didn’t have options like they do now. intending they could non take from the list to go: a physician. attorney. computing machine applied scientist. etc. . but they had to take from a limited list of: house married woman. instructor. telephone operator. or secretary. because that is what “society” thought adult females could make. Today a adult female has several options. but most adult females in that clip period was being destroyed or brainwashed to believe that that is all they could make. so if they attempted to make something out of the norm so they would non win. Some adult females at that clip were submissive to their male opposite numbers. and whatever they said went.

Bing a “Secretary” has its benefits. You learn communicating accomplishments and how to break interact with other people. you even develop friendly relationships. because you find out you are non traveling through this state of affairs entirely. Marge Piercy brought out some first-class points throughout this verse form. I feel like merely a individual who has been a place like this. can compose a verse form like this. And I guess since October 16 has been declared National Secretaries Day. we should be appreciative?

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