The Solutions for Urbanization Problems

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Urbanization has led to job creation in urban areas due to the growth of the economic system and increasing population. However, this has resulted in several issues such as limited space, lack of parks and nature, and negative impacts on human health and the environment. The concept of sustainable development can help solve these problems by effectively utilizing space, promoting green public transportation, and using renewable energy sources. For instance, constructing parks and playgrounds on buildings can help utilize space, while developing public transportation that emits less pollution and imposing fines on gasoline cars can help reduce negative impacts on the environment. In addition, investing in public power plants that use wind or solar energy can help support the economic development of countries that lack sufficient infrastructure. Ultimately, sustainable development not only addresses current problems but also ensures a better future for upcoming generations.

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There has been urbanization jobs in caused by the fact that the economic system has grown in urban countries as a consequence of increasing population dramatically. The jobs create several issues in urban countries. On the other manus. the construct of sustainable development means that the economic system continues to turn while continuing the environment. In this essay I would wish to discourse why the current urbanisation jobs can be solved by the policy of sustainable development.

First. there is a restriction of infinite in urban countries. because some people immigrate to the country to happen a occupation and to analyze at school. The country grows after the population is concentrated in one country. and more edifices and life topographic points are needed. Therefore. there is a deficiency of resort area for kids. park. and nature. In my sentiment. some installations such as resort area and park can be constructed on the edifices to utilize the infinite efficaciously.

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Second. increasing the private auto dramatically in the metropolis affects to human wellness and the environment negatively. Because. the auto emits non merely excessively much C dioxide. but besides toxic gas. I reckon that the authorities should build public transit which produces less pollution and is more convenient for the people. Furthermore. they need to do regulations to pay a all right if people use a gasoline auto in the metropolis.

On the other manus. some states in Africa do non hold sufficient substructure. for illustration supplying adequate resources to the local people. Bettering their economic system dramatically in Africa is hard. because they can non bring forth their merchandises stably with influence in the deficiency of power. Therefore. some companies and edifices ain private power generators which give off excessively much gas and fume. Unfortunately. in instance the state of affairs continues. their economic system may non merely turn. but the environment besides will be damaged. In my position. the authorities should construct the public power workss utilizing air current or solar power by investing from other developed states. If they can appeal their growing economic system for the hereafter. some developed states will put them by pick.

In decision. the policy of sustainable development which uses the infinite efficaciously. takes green public transit without petro auto. and uses solar or wind power may work out the current urbanisation jobs. The policy does non merely necessitate at present. but it is besides of import for following coevalss.

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