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The Stranger: Indifference by Alber Camus

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indifferent to the death of his mother, to his relationship with Marie, and to death itself.
Meursault shows no sorrow to the fact of his mother’s death. On the first page Meursault says, “Maman died today. Or yesterday maybe, I don’t know. ..That doesn’t mean anything. Maybe it was yesterday.” Mersault also refuses to see his mother for the very last time. He also smokes in front of his mother’s casket. He said it did not matter due to the fact that his mother was already dead.

Meursault clearly shows us that death does not matter. His mother died, but his life continues. It does not stop him from having fun. It seemed like he could care less if his mother was dead or alive. The very next day after his mother’s funeral, Meursault goes to that beach. There he runs into Marie and they go for a swim. Then Meursault and Marie go to the movies and see a comedy.

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The Stranger: Indifference by Alber Camus
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Again Meursault is showing us that his mother’s death did not affect him in any significant way.
Another way in which Meursault showed indifference was in the relationship he has with Marie. Marie once asked Meursault if he wanted to marry her, Meursault said, “It makes no difference to me.” Meursault acted indifferent to the entire situation. He does not aspire to marry Marie and be happy and grow old together. He doesn’t care if he has kids or not. It seems like Meursault just lives his life and he has no goals he wants to accomplish. It seems like he is just waiting to die and then his life will be over and nothing he did in life would have signified anything. Meursault thinks life is meaningless.
Meursault’s boss offers him a job in a new office he is opening in Paris. Meursault tells him that it makes no difference to him. His boss then gets upset. Again Meursault is showing indifference to the situation. If Meursault wanted to better his life maybe he would work harder and work toward getting a new position that paid him more money. But again he is showing us that he just does not care what happens.

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