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The summary of RAND and the report



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    Summary about RAND and its case M’/why the U. S. Swaps Prisoners but Doesn’t Pay Ransom” RAND is a most famous think tank in this world. Gull name Of RAND is Research and Development. It was found at 1348 as a non-profit organizations, and it was beginning to provide research and intelligence analysis services to the United States military. After several years, RAND’s research extended to many areas, like public and technology,etc. This case is from RAND about the solution to terrorism.

    Tell us why the government choose this way to solve this kind of problem and its influence by analysis a scent report-From the case we know, the refuse to pay ransom for reporter Foley cause Foley got murdered. But several weeks ago, the LIST military accepted release Taliban prisoners in exchange for Army SST. Bow Beverage. This policy cause public contusion and dissatisfied. So why the U. S accept release prisoners but refuse to pay ransom?

    According to experience we have, terrorism kidnap have two forms, one is ask for money, a lot of money, the other is ask for release the prisoners, The objective they kidnap still two king of people, soldiers and civilians. As we all know, soldiers are those citizens who service their government, o government has responsibility to whose soldiers. Unfortunately, they don’t have obligations to the civilians like war correspondents,etc(This is an important reason we will say). There are two differences in this case about the kidnap method and kidnap object.

    From last paragraph,we know the difference about the way they use and their Object. Why the U. S government deal With this kind of problem in different way? First, between money and prisoners, Initially, the United States took the position that the host country was responsible for the safety of diplomats accredited to Therefore, if American diplomats were detained, it was up to these host countries to seller their release. The LIST government don’t care about the way the other country save American diplomats and other government officials.

    After the case in 1973, it is a signal that American change its attitude to be more strict than before, President Nixon made it clear:” As far as the United States as a government giving in to blackmail demands, we cannot do so and we will not do so. “let has been U. S. Policy not to make concessions or negotiate with terrorists ever since. (PAP:http://WV. Rand. Org/blob / 2014/09/why-the e- HTML, paragraph ,nine 3). After this, the LIST refuse to pay any ransom and release the convicted assassins.

    Because the premise is that yielding to terrorist kidnappers only encourages more kidnapping, after they realized it is a useful method to publicize themselves and earn money, soldiers and civilians will be more dangerous than before. Also, they will use the ransom to buy more arms and equip themselves and create more terror activities. At that time the situation may be worse than now. Hostage situations are political krypton that can threaten government same article,paragraph 7,nine 1). And terrorism publicize their terror advocates by kidnapping.

    So the best way to against terrorism kidnap is to protect ourselves, and wipe out terrorism. let is a long way we need to work together. The second reason is that the LIST have responsibility to national soldiers instead of common civilians. Soldiers are fulfill their obligations, and they hue a lot Of secrets about the military or equipment,etc. According this,it is necessary to take them back,but not use money. Government Will think about get information by negotiating. Then try to save the soldiers by military way.

    But it is not same fortunately to civilians, maybe there are some guys more important than them or the military may not have spare time to make a complete plan. If your family are rich enough, you can pay for the ransom by yourself, but it is not practical. Their motivation is to create more and more terror activities, money is just a kind of resources-Even though you have enough money they still will kill you with no mercy. No matter where the money come from, if terrorism get money, they will use it on terror activities, So we shouldn’t compromise to any terrorism organization.

    The summary of RAND and the report. (2018, Jul 01). Retrieved from

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