The Wife of Bath’s Faithfulness Essay

In The Canterbury Tales. Geoffrey Chaucer reveals the features of the Wife of Bath through her narrative and background. Chaucer portrays the Wife of Bath as a adult female of religion through her spiritual actions and beliefs despite her human mistakes. Chaucer states in the General Prologue that “not a doll dared stir/ [ T ] owards the altar stairss in forepart of her. ” intending that no 1 stepped in forepart of her to have Communion ( GP ll. 459-460 ) . If one did travel in front of her.

“so wrath was she/ [ a ] s to be rather put out of charity” ( GP ll. 461-462 ) . Chaucer depicts the Wife of Bath as tidal bore to have the Sunday Communion. By exposing her avidity to have Communion. Chaucer explains that she has compassion for the Church. Furthermore. the Wife of Bath displays her regard for the church by dressing in her best outfits such as “hose [ that ] were of the finest vermilion red” ( GP l. 466 ) . Besides. Chaucer states that the Wife of Bath “had five hubbies.

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The Wife of Bath’s Faithfulness
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[ but she had them ] all at the church door” ( GP l. 470 ) .

In the eyes of the church acquiring married at the church door is a mark of her religion. In her narrative. the Wife of Bath expresses a disfavor for the “holy mendicants. ” whom she describes as holding “seem [ ed ] to hold purged the air” ( W l. 10 ) . Purging the air in this instance refers to the mendicants ravishing the faeries. The Wife of Bath conveys trueness to the church by showing concern that the “holy friars” would perpetrate the awful wickedness of colza. sing their place in the church. Besides in her narrative. she tells of a knight who raped a maiden ( W l. 34 ) . The male monarch was to “condemn [ ] the knight to lose his head/ [ B ] y class of jurisprudence. ” but the queen begged the male monarch to allow her enforce the sentence ( W ll. 37-38 ) .

As a consequence. the male monarch gave her the authorization to make up one’s mind the destiny of the knight. The queen summoned the knight to inquire him the inquiry. “what is the thing that adult females most want? ” ( W l. 51 ) . If he answered the inquiry right within a twelvemonth and a twenty-four hours. so he could maintain his life ( W l. 50 ) . With the aid of the Wife of Bath. the knight returned with the right reply and his life was saved ( W l. 191 ) . and so kept his pledge to get married her ( W 1. 201 ) . She makes the pledge to the knight to be a faithful and just married woman ( W 1. 387 ) . The Wife of Bath reveals her ain fidelity through the knight’s unity to return to the queen with an reply. Through her narrative and her ain actions. the Wife of Bath nowadayss herself as a adult female of religion.

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