Mathew B. Brady: Civil War Photographer

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Mathew B. Brady: Civil War Photographer was written by Elizabeth Van Steenwyk. Elizabeth Van Steenwyk has written many good books for immature people including: Saddlebag Salesmen, The California Missions, Frederic Remington, The California Gold Rush: Occident with the Forty-niners, and Ida B. Wells-Barnett: Woman of Courage. Elizabeth now lives in San Marino, California with her hubby.

Mathew B. Brady was born someplace between 1823 and 1824. His early life is slightly a enigma. He was born in Warren County in New York and his parents might hold been Irish immigrants. His in-between name was even a enigma, when asked what the B stood for he said that he inserted it because it seemed more distinguished. When he turned 16 he met William Page, a adult male desiring to go an creative person. The both of them worked together, and Page s artistic abilities were most likely Brady s get downing involvement in going a lensman. In 1839 or 1840 Brady and Page moved to New York City. Meanwhile, a Gallic discoverer named Louis-Jacques-Mand Daguerre was contriving something that would alter Brady s life.

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In 1839 Daguerre invented his camera. Samuel F. B. Morse went over to France to look into out Daguerre s camera. He wrote back to a magazine stating that it was possibly the greatest innovation in this age. When Samuel Morse returned to New York City and started a school for larning how to utilize the camera. Brady, really interested in the camera, signed up for lessons. Several old ages subsequently Brady graduated and started his ain small picture taking concern on Broadway. In 1844 Brady won first topographic point in the first photographic competition in America. Wining the competition besides won Brady a batch of clients. He became really popular in New York. He took images of 25 celebrated people and hence published The Gallery of Illustrious Americans. He opened another studio in Washington, D.C. , and he so met Julia Handy whom he married. In 1850 Queen Victoria held a competition that was unfastened to anyone

around the universe. Brady left for Europe and so signed up for the competition. He went over to France so he could run into Daguerre, but unluckily Daguerre died while Brady was on his manner. Brady was really defeated. He was glad when he found out that he won first topographic point in Queen Victoria s competition. In 1851, Frederick Scott Archer invented the wet-plate procedure, a new manner to take exposure. Brady signed up for lessons to larn how to utilize the new procedure. Alexander Gardner joined Brady s studio in 1856. He photographed more celebrated people including Abraham Lincoln and the Prince of Wales. Brady s life is about to hit another flood tide, this flood tide is the Civil War.

When the Civil War was declared in 1861 people wanted to cognize what was truly go oning on the battlegrounds. So Brady and several of his co-workers traveled to the battlegrounds and there they photographed the war. Brady and his work forces were at most of the conflicts and took really good exposure. In 1863, Alexander Gardner left Brady and started his ain picture taking concern. Gardner was huffy because Brady purportedly took recognition for images that Gardner photographed. At the terminal of the war Brady had a batch of exposure of the war. Brady went back to his two studios and continued running them. He was in really hapless wellness by this clip because of his old age. His seeing was really bad by the terminal of the war. Brady was in debt from snaping the war and non acquiring paid for making it. Julia Handy, his married woman, died in 1887. He tried selling his negatives to the authorities to pay his debts, but they turned him down. They eventually bought one set of negatives for 25 thousand dollars, but it was to tardily because he had already given his other set to a company that he had high debts in.

Mathew Brady died on January 16, 1896. Before he died he had to sell his studios. He died a adult male without much money. He was an of import individual in our American history for the fact that he photographed much of the Civil War. Mathew Brady may hold died a hapless adult male, but his exposure are now deserving 1000s of dollars.

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