Thematic Collapse of Government

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Some including rise of new religion, invasions, economic troubles, rise of newer empires, and corruption to name a few. The last Sultan to rule the Ottoman Empire was Mohamed VI. A few causes include the death of Salesman the Magnificent, failure to modernize, nationalism, and economic and military pressure. The Roman Empire was established In the year 27 BC and lasted to 476 AD. However some Historians still argue as to when the Empire actually fell. The Roman Empire after being a world’s superpower for almost 500 years fell because of numerous amounts of factors.

The most straightforward factor was the Invasions by the Barbarians. With mass attacks by the Barbarians, it weakened the Romans’ military forces and man power. By 410 the Visigoth King Alular successfully conquered the city of Rome. The Empire also fell because of economic hardships. Even when Rome was under attack from outer forces it was also falling from severe financial crisis. Constant wars and overspending for the military heightened taxation and inflation as well. Some aristocrats even left in hopes to avoid taxation.

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During the late third century the Emperor Diocletian divided the empire in half. The division of the empire made it easier to govern in the short run but as time passed the two drifted apart. The East and West failed to work together and come to agreements. The two halves often failed to defeat outside threats and often argued and fought over resources and aid. Between the two halves the Eastern side served to divert the Barbarians to the West causing greater havoc to them. The East was very vulnerable because of this. Rome had also a very instable political system.

In a span of only 75 years there have been twenty men that have took the crown usually after their predecessor was murdered. Being an emperor during this century nearly meant it was a death sentence, you never when you were going to die though. As a result of the collapse many changes have been made to bring back the nation to a stable state. Charlemagne became the first emperor of Western Rome after the fall of the Roman Empire. When he was first appointment to the throne the Empire was in rubbles. Rome was divided by social classes and it was separated from other cultures in technology.

However after Charlemagne came he was able to unit most of Western Europe back together. He also fought to unite German tribes into one state. The system of government also witched to a feudal system where In return for land he was granted loyalty. Christianity also became a mall religion. He developed education centers for learning called scriptorium. A new type of miniscule was also formed where writing formed in the year 1299 and ending in the year 1923 was one other empire that was once a world power that crumbled because of many reasons.

After the death of Salesman the Magnificent in 1566, the crumble of the Ottoman Turks, and an internal dissentions that created regional nationalism the Ottoman Empire was slowly falling. One reason the fall of the Ottoman Empire happened was because they failed to dernier. The leaders of the Empire failed to invest money on new technology and did not involve itself in the Scientific Revolution in Europe as well as the Enlightenment. Many of this happened because religious authorities prevented this from happening.

There were also cases of internal nationalism especially in the Balkans. This occurred among most of the Christian minorities in Southeastern Europe mostly because of the inequalities they have faced. Many revolutionary groups like the Seers, Greeks, Rumanians, and the Bulgarians fought for their independence against the Ottoman army. This had led to a decrease in Ottoman territory and a decrease in their Army as Nell. There were also fights against nations that have broken off to see who were to conquer other states still under Ottoman control.

At this time Austrian and Russian imperialism between them and the Ottomans were taking off. The number of wars between the two empires and the Ottomans was terribly draining on the army as well as their treasury. The Ottoman Empire also racked up high debts to continue arming themselves with weapons from Western countries. The over-expansion of the Ottoman Empire in World War I ended up destroying the country as well. Ninth the loss of many of its territories as well as its loss in World War I, the Ottoman Empire was in a terrible state.

Conflict over the land of Palestine worsened after the collapse and many Jewish people living outside of the Middle East wanted to move back and reclaim their “promised land”. At this time as well the empire was under artists control. The British now felt the pressure to create a Jewish homeland but at the same time felt pressure from the Arab Palestinians not too. The plan was to split Palestine evenly between the two with the help of the United Nations (UN). Like every other nation that was on the losing side of the War the rest of the empire was in ruins.

However from Western support and aid the nation brought back up to stability and what is now known as Turkey. Throughout history many governments fall and a new one arises. The Ottoman and Roman Empire are Just two empires that were brought to ruins the brought back up to a new and stable nation. The social, political, and economic changes made helped bring the governments back to a state of stability and that is what helped bring nations from shackles to some may say a new golden age.

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