Therapeutic Relationship

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Therapeutic relationship is the interpersonal relationship between patient and therapist. All therapies involve constant interest of therapist regardless of how disturbing the subject is. There is suspension of moral judgment, in which therapists with patient have the opportunity of speaking the unspeakable now. This article argues on how therapists have to establish that relationship with a patient which is health for them and for the patients. For example, therapeutic relationship can be established in a situation whereby the unconscious conscious and regressive transference neurosis has to keep in mind experience of a patient in therapy approximation. The past experiences of a patient make him or her feel as if something is happening. In therapeutic relationship there are three important areas which are of interest. Behavioral therapists are rated significantly higher compared to psychodynamic therapist on the degree of interpersonal contact, self-congruence and empathy (Forchuk,, 2005, p. 564).

From therapeutic relationship study behavioral therapists are perceived to have good therapeutic relationship with patients but this relationship is not enough for a change but it is significant. Therapeutic relationship is an elusive construct which relies not only on behavior of the therapists. Some therapists are better than others.  There are some specific factors of the relationship such as; length of therapy in which home based treatment programs and self help manuals calls for a relationship that is minimally important in changing with phobia, sexual problems and alcohol abuse. There is live and taped treatment in which therapists’ talks better than no treatment. Social reinforcement, praise and feedback enhance treatment with patients (Forchuk,, 2005, p. 567).

In conclusion, according to my opinion, therapeutic relationship interacts with technology in certain strategies which enhance or hinder achievement of objectives of the client. Therapeutic relationship is just a significant effective therapy just like actual techniques with perception of the client on the therapy being important.

List of References

Forchuk, C.,, (2005), “Therapeutic relationships: From psychiatric hospital to community,” Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, Vol.12, No. 4, pp. 564-567


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