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There are always two sides to every story



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    This is great news to hear if you are a person who has o just buy gas, but it is horrible news to hear if you are an oil field worker. Many people in the oil field are being laid off or told they no longer have a job. people who are used to making six figures a year are now unemployed and looking for work. This is the flip side to the lower gas prices, while many people are celebrating it to some this is the worst thing that could happen. This is affecting the Texas economy because many of the oil rigs are having to shut down. Meaning that the people who came to Texas from out of state are leaving and going back home.

    Also the people who were making so much oney and going out buying brand new trucks and cars cant do that anymore. Making it to where the car dealerships that were making so much money aren’t making what they used to anymore. Something that the federal government might be able to try that will make sure this problem never happens again would be that they put a limit on how much oil you can produce at one time. This would regulate the oil production to a rate at which you would not produce to much at one time. Because they main problem that happened was whenever the oil boom hit everybody was trying to get as much oil as they cold possibly get.

    That was good at first, but in no time after everybody doing the same thing all the oil reserves were full. If there was a limit on how many barrels of oil you can produce a day this would make it to where the reserves would always need oil. Granted people would not make quit as much money as they did before, but they would always have a steady job and not have to worry about waking up one day and being unemployed. This would be far better in the long run to help sustain the future of the oil field. So this is the flip side to the lower gas prices. It really just depends on what side of the fence you are on.

    If you have a family member or you yourself work in the oil field you really want to see the gas prices go back up. If you have no ties to the oil field and all you do is drive from your house to your job you could probably care less and are very happy with the gas prices. Just remember that there is always two sides to every story and in this case that is very true. Bibliography- Downside Of Cheap Prices At The Gas Pump: Oil Field Layoffs; http:// keranews. org/post/downside-cheap-prices-gas-pump-oil-field-layoffs Intro B think this article is very informative and does have some great points to it.

    It s a very touchy subject to talk about because no matter which side you think is right the other side will get mad at you and so on. I do believe that the African Americans have come a very long way in their pursuit to be equal. There are many things that happened in the past that was not right and was very unfair. There is nothing we can do that will make up for it, it is written down in history and will never be forgotten. The only thing we can do now is to move on and look to the future. How many African Americans do you see playing in the NFL or the NBA and they have fans of all skin color.

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