Time and Ethical Dilemma

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Ethical Dilemma Scenarios for Speaker Selection

1. The following details are also located in the “speaker notes” of the presentation 2. Select appropriate scenarios listed below given the timeframe and audience

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Ethical Dilemma Discussion (1)
You are taking an Algebra exam and you notice the person next to you is cheating off of your paper. You have studied very hard for this exam because you want to maintain good grades and eventually go to college. How do you feel about someone cheating off your work?

What would you do?
How could this affect you and the person cheating in the short term and in the long term? Notes for Dilemma (1) – Short Term vs. Long Term -Teens often face ethical dilemmas when it comes to academic performance. Scholarships and college admissions often hinge on good grades. Some teens may reason that copying a term paper or peeking at another student’s test is justified if it gets them the grades they need. Some may rationalize cheating or plagiarism because they feel it will help them achieve loftier goals in the future. Some teens may even find an opportunity to get a needed answer on an unplanned exam. Teens must think of the repercussions for their actions. What if they get caught cheating? How would others look at them if they knew they cheated? What if they received a scholarship over another student who earned his grades without cheating? If they cannot do their own work now, how can they be expected to do so at the college level? Ethical Dilemma Discussion (2)

You work in the Human Resources Department at Dominion. While processing paperwork, you learn that a co-worker (and friend) in another department
needs to take a medical leave of absence. Your friend has not told you about her condition, but you want to call her and let her know that you are concerned and to offer your help. Is it okay to call her?

Why or why not?
Notes for Ethical Dilemma (2) – Truth vs. Loyalty – It is not okay to call your friend to inquire about her medical condition. At the present time, the only reason you know about her condition is because of your job responsibilities. You can only use this information to perform the duties of your role in Human Resources. In fact, calling your friend would violate privacy laws and open up Dominion to possible lawsuits. Your friend will tell you when the time is right. Ethical Dilemma Discussion (3)

You have worked as a bank teller for several months when one of the other tellers, who has become a good friend, tells you that her daughter is extremely ill and that she must have an operation to survive. She also tells you that she has no insurance and the operation will cost $10,000. Sometime later you ask her about her daughter and she tells you she is just fine now. She then confides in you that she took $10,000 from a dormant account at the bank to pay for the operation. She assures you that she has already started paying it back and will continue to do so until it is all returned. What do you do?

Notes for Ethical Dilemma (3) – Truth vs. Loyalty – By telling you that she took $10,000 without permission, she has now made you part of the deception (crime). Your job is now at risk, if anyone finds out about the theft. You should confront your friend and ask her to report herself to her boss. If she refuses, you should strongly consider reporting her conversation with you to your boss. Doing the right thing isn’t always the easy thing. Ethical Dilemma Discussion (4)

You’ve been studying for the SAT really hard in order to get into college. Your parents, who never went to college, are very proud and are telling all their friends that you will be heading off to college in the Fall. But with the test only days away, you have not been scoring well on the practice
exams. Your friend offers you some ADHD pills that he takes to help you “concentrate”. What can it hurt? You heard everyone else is doing it. Notes for Ethical Dilemma (4) – Short-term vs. Long-term; Individual vs. Community – Medications like Adderall and Ritalin are usually prescribed to treat Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). However, prescription drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin have begun to permeate high school and college campuses. Some argue that as a result of widespread use, students face increased pressure to use these medications in order to stay competitive with their peers and set themselves up well for college, graduate school, or the workforce.

What are your thoughts on the use of prescription drugs for some high school and college users who do not have a prescription but were given the pills by friends or purchased them on the black market? What are the potential long term effects of using these medications which (1) have not be prescribed to you under a doctor’s care and (2) may not even have been manufactured safely? Is the short term gain worth the potential long term consequence? (Short Term vs. Long Term) By taking these medications, are you getting an unfair advantage over kids who don’t take them? (Individual vs. Community) Ethical Dilemma Discussion (5)

You just got your driver’s license and your parents let you drive the car to a party with your friend. But the party was getting out of hand, too much drinking and some other inappropriate behavior. As you’re getting ready to leave another friend ask for a ride, some guys have been bothering her. But as you know, you are only allowed to take one passenger. What do you do?

Notes for Ethical Dilemma (5) – Not every ethical dilemma is straightforward. Sometimes the seemingly “wrong” course of action is “right”. Leaving your friend behind at a party could result in an unsafe condition for her. Both courses of action are wrong. But rarely are your two choices the only options. Try to think of other choices?

Ethical Dilemma Discussion (6)
You are part of a small team working on a very important and time consuming project. Everyone on the team has worked diligently and contributed to the project’s success. Upon completion, you overhear one team member take credit for the bulk of the work to their supervisor. Do you confront the fellow employee right then, talk to them at a later time, address your concern separately with a supervisor, and ignore the situation… What do you do?

Notes for Ethical Dilemma 67) – This scenario represents a situation when someone else has acted unethically and it directly impacts you and how you respond to it Two ways to respond to this – depends on how you personally deal with issues best. While you might want to speak up right when the situation occurs, it would be better to address it at a later time. Give yourself time to cool off so you are able to deal with your fellow employee in a professional manner. If you still feel as though the situation needs further resolution, talk to a supervisor or human resources about your concerns for the team. Of course you could make an argument that the correct response should be to bring this to their attention immediately and have it behind you. Ethical Dilemma Discussion (7)

You read a friend’s FaceBook post… it is a very negative, aggressive and threatening post about another student at your school. You notice the additional comments, below the post, are hurtful and defamatory as well. Do you confront your friend about their cyber bullying, talk to a parent or school official, and ignore the situation… What do you do?

Notes for Ethical Dilemma (7) – You should initially and immediately address the situation with your friend. Let them know you don’t agree with bullying of any kind. If the problem continues, you should let a parent or school official know about the problem. Cyber bullying has become very rampant; it is imperative you be part of the solution and not contribute to the problem. Ethical Dilemma Discussion (8)

In your spare time at work, you have developed a new spreadsheet program on the personal computer in your office. It is even more powerful, yet easier to use than anything on the market. You share your new program with a friend who encourages you to market it on your own because you could probably make an incredible profit in a very short time. This is a very attractive option, yet you developed it using company equipment and during time that you were at work. What do you do?

Notes for Ethical Dilemma (8) – Individual vs. Community – This scenario creates a conflict between individual ingenuity and utilization of your employer’s time, assets, and likely training. The new program could legally be considered as property of your employer – especially if the program could be utilized by the Company. Ethical Dilemma Discussion (9)

You are the buyer for a retail-clothing store. Your store has a policy of not accepting gifts. However, over the years, salesmen have offered, and other employees have accepted lunch, theater and baseball tickets. You arrive home from the office and find a new TV and DVD player on your doorstep with a note that says: “A personal gift for our long standing friendship. Enjoy it with you family in good health, The Jones Clothing Company”. What do you do?

Notes for Ethical Dilemma (9) – Individual vs. Community – It is important that employees who can influence the purchase decisions (or any types of decisions) on behalf of their Company remain objective when making those decisions. Most Company’s set a limit on the value and type of gifts that can be accepted. Usually, lunches, small trinkets, and even occasional tickets to routine events (not Super Bowls or World Series) are acceptable. You do not want your decisions to be questioned by the appearance of showing favoritism to someone who has provided you with substantial gifts.

Ethical Dilemma Discussion (10)

You manage a team of seven people at a local office of a financial services firm. You have just been made aware that there are going to be layoffs in your division and you will need to reduce your staff from 7 to 5. You have not yet been given permission to tell your staff. All of your team members are high performers and all equally deserving of keeping their jobs. One of your employees tells you that his wife is expecting and they have started looking to buy a house. He trusts your advice very much and asks for your thoughts about neighborhoods, types of homes, etc. You want to tell him to hold off on making this type of big decision right now because of potential layoffs, but you can’t due to company confidentiality? What do you do?

Ethical Dilemma Discussion (11)
Several members of a varsity sports team skipped school, obtained alcohol, spent the day getting drunk, and then returned to school in time for the bus ride home. The district tournament is the following week. Without the participation of these players, the team will surely lose. Also, many of these students come from troubled homes where alcoholism is a problem. What would you do as a student who was aware of this?

What would you do as a member of the school administration? Notes for ethical dilemma (11) –
Justice vs. Mercy – Should the decision be made in favor of justice? Regardless of circumstance, should the players be suspended, reprimanded, and kicked off the team? Should the decision be made in favor of mercy? What is the nature of home life of these kids? Do they actually need substance abuse counseling and professional help rather than punishment? After all, wasn’t there return to school a cry for help? Ethical Dilemma Discussion (12)

A man is transporting his wife, who is in labor, to the hospital, when he sees blue lights in his rear view mirror. He looks down at his speedometer and notices he is going 80 mph through a residential neighborhood where children are playing in the street. He is forced to stop by a policeman who realizes the situation and ultimately provides an escort to the hospital. The driver was breaking the law and driving recklessly. What does the police officer do in the end in terms of giving him a ticket? Notes for ethical dilemma (12) –

Justice vs. Mercy – Most of us would feel obligated to get our wife and soon to be born child to the necessary care that the hospital provides. However, did we risk the life of an innocent bystander while speeding through neighborhoods?

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