‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’: Scout as the Protagonist

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How does Lee use the character of Scout to create a sense of hope in To Kill a Mockingbird? During the 1 930’s in Maycomb Alabama, prejudicial, preconceived and hypocritical views reigned over empathetic and open- minded attitudes, but by Harper Lee’s use of Scout as the protagonist in the novel, a sense of hope is created. Scout represents exploration and the need for knowledge and through using her as the protagonist, harper lee can convey that through having an educated and understanding generation, there s hope for the future.

Scout, being the daughter of the most progressive thinking man in Maycomb, is able to empathise with many people and through using her optimism and developing views and opinions she is able to “finally see” that most people are “real nice” if you get to know them and prove that there is a real sense of hope carried throughout To Kill a mockingbird. Harper Lee uses Scout to represent a new generation of people who are willing to push the boundaries of social normalities, fight for justice nd accept that “there’s only one type of folk.

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Folk” even if it means going against the wishes of society. She as well as many other children of the time are being taught to think independently, which creates a sense of hope, as these children are the future forefronts of Maycomb society. This is proven when the verdict at the end of the court case seemed strikingly unfair to Scout, who was able to make herself colour and class blind in order to develop her own understanding of the events occurring in Maycomb.

Scout is educated and will promote change in the community along with the other young, educated and colour blind people of Maycomb who have learnt a new and mature way of thinking. And as Maycomb “fears what it doesn’t understand” with children like Scout pushing to tear down the wall of prejudice surrounding Maycomb and understand why it was put there in the first place, fear is diminished and there is hope for a healthier society. A sense of hope is created in To Kill a Mockingbird because of Scout’s constantly hifting perspective that promotes change.

She resists the urge to blend into society and doesn’t succumb to the irrational adult views that are constantly thrown at her, which creates hope that others will do the same. Scout’s perspective and character regularly change and develop throughout the trail and court case as she learns the real difference between good and evil that has nothing to do with the pigmentation of ones skin.

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