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To Kill A Mockingbird Courage Of Atticus

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  • Pages 2
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    In the narrative To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, Atticus is a really brave character. In the fresh Atticus tried every manner to assist others, who were in the demand of it. First of all it is brave of Atticus to take the Tom Robinson instance. Even his ain household disagreed of taking the instance. The ground was because of the prejudice. He risks in many was when taking the Tom Robinson instance. He hazards the opportunity of critization by the people that live in the Maycomb county. Mrs. Dubouse criticizes him when she said,  Atticus is a Niger lover.

    With many bias people populating in Maycomb county Atticus besides risks the opportunity of non being re-elected for legislative assembly. Second it is brave of Atticus when he shoots the mad, rabid Canis familiaris. At this scene he besides takes many hazards. Atticus risks the opportunity of losing, and the Canis familiaris running up, and assailing them. He besides risks the opportunity of hiting a non rabid Canis familiaris. Atticus could lose the Canis familiaris, and cause harm to a life, and or a inanimate thing. Third it is brave of Atticus to be willing to bear down Jem with Bob Ewell’s decease.

    He risked the loss of Jem in the procedure. He besides risked the opportunity of Jem acquiring mad at Atticus, and ne’er speaking to him. Besides It was brave of Atticus to learn his kids non prejudge others until they truly know what they are truly traveling through. There is a citation that Atticus said? Never justice anyone, until you have been in their places, and walked around in them . When stating that to Jem, and Scout he risked the opportunity of them non listening to him. Lastly it is brave of him standing up to the persons at the goal house. Atticus risked the opportunity of the persons acquiring him, and Tom, and killing, or aching them physically. Through all these illustrations, of bravery, and hazard we can see how highly brave Atticus was during this novel.

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