To See Myself Brainstorming

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I’m a personalized writer. I like to write about my life experiences and put a lot of emotions in my writing. I believe I do well as a writer by making people feel connected to my writing or having them relate to it some sort of way. In my opinion, writing about what goes on in my life seems more interesting and it makes it easier to express myself. I write in a way where the reader can picture what I’m saying that is a skill I have as a writer by using descriptive language creating imagery for the reader. I write diary entries each day and put them all together to create a story as a autobiography about my life journey. I love writing about real life experiences because to reach out to similar people, sharing my experiences hoping one day to inspire someone else in some way or to hear someone say, your words change my life. I have the ability to catch the reader’s attention which creates curiosity and makes the reader stay and continue to read.

The most part I like about my writing is that I make it personal where the reader can feel the emotion in the writing not only that I can write about something small and exaggerate it making it seem interesting. I have noticed when I’m writing about something I’ve experienced or about my life my thought process flows smoothly whereas, writing about a random topic I tend to overthink things and my writing does not seem to flow correctly. I need to expose myself to other theses in order to enhance my writing skills. I don’t usually plan when I write which is not a good thing because I tend to see myself brainstorming as I’m writing which leads to writing how you speak.

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The process I need to take to improve my skills as a writer is to plan before I write, I need to drop down ideas and main points so that my writing can flow smoothly. I also tend to repeat myself in my writing because once I write down everything that I have thought of I began to repeat myself but in other words I need to learn how to elaborate more. The process to elaborating without repetition is to expand the sentence by answering the where, when, how and why. I also need to enhance in proof reading my writing because I notice when I go back to read what I wrote some of the sentences do not make sense that’s because I don’t go over what I write, I need to start double checking my writing because there can be grammar error or Incomplete sentences. As a writer I’m my biggest critic. I continue to criticize my work and edit it over and over but i fail to realize there is nothing such as perfect writing. Who am I as a writer? I’m someone who writes about personal life experiences and express my emotions into my writing.

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