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The Alkaline Story Touch is a moral-philosophical analysis of the importance of relationships and forgiveness. The story revolves around CIO Toning, a father who had to leave his family in search of a better life, and his daughter Dora, who longed for her father’s love and touch. The author, Sotto, uses symbolism to convey the emotional exchange between the two characters, highlighting the importance of communication and understanding. The story also highlights the functions of touch, both physical and emotional, in building and maintaining relationships. The analysis emphasizes that forgiveness is necessary for healing and moving forward, even if it means letting go of pride and past hurts. Overall, the story emphasizes the importance of building strong and meaningful relationships with loved ones.

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Moral-philosophical Analysis on Alkaline Story Touch But she knew it was too late; it no longer mattered; she and her father?they were beyond all help. There was only her life, and a sense of regret, for never having known him… Relationships are built through shared experiences with loved ones. They are often tested by separation and silence; you are divided by physical distance or you are unable to talk. In the story, CIO Toning, like most Offs, had to leave his family in search for greener pastures. He was presented as an authority figure as established ND expected by society. No one talked about his life, the years aboard ship… Not once did they ask him how he felt. After all he was a man. Men endured. ” He loved his children but failed to show it in a manner that we could picture him as an ideal or perhaps, ‘good’ father, rather, he did it by providing them their daily needs in life though it would cost him physical separation from his family.

Many people are reluctant to show mercy because they find it hard to forgive. Forgiveness is letting go of the past, something that is so hard to make especially when memories from the past had already become a permanent stain in our lives. Sometimes, it costs our pride to reconcile and fix things. It is Just unrealistic to expect everyone to agree about everything. Sotto used symbolism to concretion the scene where Dora and her father exchanged lances and subconsciously looked into the each other’s soul, for the first time. He looked instead of Dora eyes black hollows under the ridge of his brow bone… Dora matched the stare… His face never looked so unguarded, so content. ” It was during this time that worst experiences flashed back and Dora, as one daughter who only longed for a father’s tender touch, could not contain the emotions she felt. Running from a problem or conflict, pretending it doesn’t exist, or being afraid of talking about it would not untangle someone from the very roots of it. She knew she had to witness hat moment and that she had to understand or at least, dig into her father’s being. Functions of touch? anabolism’s touch (helot) that temporarily healed CIO Tooting’s illness, the touch (banal) that Dora and his brothers experienced during their childhood days when their father would punish them in a violent way for their foolishness. On a deeper sense, “touch” also pertained to the connection of the very souls of two individuals who longed for each other’s company but failed to because things were Just different then and there is no chance for things to work out now.

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