Tradition in Our Culture: the Mid-Autumn Festival Essay

Tradition in our culture: The Mid-Autumn Festival Every year the 15th August of the lunar calendar is The Mid-Autumn Festival. It’s one of the big and popular festivals in Viet Nam. Vietnamese couldn’t remember when it began but they know that it originated in China, went to Viet Nam when our country was dominated by China and passes from generation to generation. Nowadays, in this day, the children will be bought a nice lantern and given permission by their parents so as to go around with others in lantern parade.

At that time, the moon is highest and brightest.

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Tradition in Our Culture: the Mid-Autumn Festival
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Everyone in the family will be gotten together, enjoy the moonlight, eat the Mid-Autumn Festival cakes, drink tea and talk together. It’s very fun and will make everyone have a strong attachment to their family!!! In addition to, a number of people go out to Chinese Town in district 5 to enjoy long streets which decorated by colorful lanterns so the streets will be full of people.

Chinese Vietnamese usually have their house decorated very beautiful. Especially, there are many dragon or unicorn dances tp serve the people. How great and uproarious they are!!! In the past, the Mid-Autumn was for everyone, the children and the adults.

But at that time when Vietnam was still under the French domination, French colonialists didn’t want Vietnamese gathered in order to avoid demonstrations. So they did not allow the performance’s the dragon or unicorn dances during the Mid-Autumn Festival, only children were allowed to participate. Since then, the Mid-Autumn Festival has been known as the Children’s Festival. Although society gets better and better, traditional values never change. Wherever and whenever, Vietnamese always expect this day will come soon. It’s really unforgettable times in life!!!

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