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Tudor Dynasty and Henry Viii

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Tudor Dynasty (1845-1603) lasted for 118 years, has undergone a total of five monarchs. Although not long lasting, but the Tudors in Britain translated from a feudal society to capitalist society, such a crucial era of transition, thus the implementation of the policy is also very characteristics of the times, particularly its implementation of the mercantilist policies has a huge impact on all aspects of British society. Henry VIII is the second King of The Tudor. Totally,he had married with six women in whom Catherine and Anne were jumped off by him, Anne Boleyn and Howard were sent to the guillotine by him.

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Tudor Dynasty and Henry Viii
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His original wife, Princess Catherine of Spain, only had a daughter, Mary. Henry, as a man ,was eager to a son and gradually lost his patience. He turned to be in love with the maid of Catherine, Anne Boleyn, who was said not very beautiful but young . An common event of a divorce even became a divorce cases which had a tremendous impact on the history of mankind just because it happened in the royal family where the struggle was fierce at the times.

Henry VIII insisted on divorcing, but he was strongly objected by orthodox Catholic forces in England.

When the divorce proceedings submitted to the Holy See, Pope Clement VII would have been approved them, but he was impressed by Catherine’s nephew Holy Roman Empire Charles V. He was persistent and finally did not dare to act rashly. Henry could not wait any longer, so he had a falling out with the Pope. He announced that the Church of England was separated from the Holy See and established the Anglican, which later became Protestant. However, despite paying more than a decade of hard, his second wife, Anne Boleyn, only gave birth to his daughter. What was more, all forces of the Kingdom began to compete for the distribution of interests.

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