Why Did Henry Viii Break from Rome? Sample Essay

Henry VIII broke with Rome for a figure of different grounds. These include his desire for a divorce which the dad would non allow. his demand to shut down the monasteries to acquire more money and his want for more power to govern England. The most of import ground is his demand for a boy. which would be the inheritor to the thrown because Henry VIII would hold wanted England to be by House of tudors every bit long as it could be.

for this to go on he would necessitate a boy which would everlastingly bare the Tudor name. In this paragraph. I will be speaking about Henry and the divorce. Henry wanted to disassociate Catherine of Aragon because Henry urgently wanted an inheritor to the throne ( sooner a boy ) . but Catherine was acquiring old and would non be able to hold kids any longer. Henry urgently wanted and inheritor because he wanted England to be ruled by a Tudor for every bit long as possible.

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Why Did Henry Viii Break from Rome? Sample
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to make that he would necessitate boy that would everlastingly bare the Tudor name to go on the Tudor reign when he died. But there was merely one job with this…… . as Catholic the Catholic Pope would non let Henry to travel frontward with the divorce as this was out for Catholics.

This ground is majorly of import as this is the chief ground why Henry broke from Rome and because him desiring a divorce and non being granted it was what triggered it all. In this paragraph I am traveling to speak about why Henry closed the monasteries. some people believe that he did it for the money. but truly and genuinely he was already the richest adult male in England why would he necessitate more money. I mean he had more money than he knew what to make with! Henry appeared to believe that he needed to alter the faith on England to shut corrupted monasteries. although there is some truth in that. it was chiefly for the money. which I don’t understand because he was already loaded with money. but hey! . This ground is of import but out of the three grounds I’m sing. it is the least of import because Henry was already rich. money shouldn’t be a job.

In this paragraph I am traveling to speak about Henrys desire for power. Henry didn’t like the Catholic Pope merely because the Catholic Pope would non allow him a divorce that he shouldn’t be holding. as a Catholic. which was the lone thing halting him from acquiring an inheritor. So possibly if Henry had more power over the church in so he wouldn’t necessitate the Catholic Pope to allow him p a divorce. he could easy expansive himself a divorce. marry Anne Boleyn and she could supply him with the her he wanted! . This ground is reasonably of import. out of all the grounds I am sing this is the 2nd most of import. In decision. the most of import ground Henry broke from Rome is because he wanted a divorce as this would assist acquire him an inheritor to the throne.

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