Welcoming Our Guests

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The article discusses the changing attitude towards guests in modern times. While ancient Indian tradition dictates that guests are to be treated like divine entities and given a warm welcome, modern-day schedules often make it difficult to accommodate guests during the day. Additionally, some guests may engage in self-praise, gossip, or borrow items without returning them. As a result, certain types of guests may be unwelcome. The article concludes by suggesting that being a welcome guest requires proper conduct and consideration for the convenience of others.

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Harmonizing to our antique tradition a invitee is to be welcomed and treated like a august divinity. He deserves a red- rug welcome whether he comes during the twenty-four hours or at dark. Time or convenience is immaterial. Timess have. nevertheless. now changed a batch and invitees are no longer accorded a hearty intervention. On the other manus. they are frequently cold-shouldered and treated with disdain. This drastic alteration in attitude is non without its justified grounds. The chief ground is the busy agenda of all of us. coercing all the members of about each and every household to stay off from place during the day-time. With hubby and married woman in their several offices and kids at school. the house remains locked. How can. therefore. a invitee be welcomed. if he comes at a clip when all are ready to go forth? Again. there are invitees who talk a batch. Quite frequently their talk is egoistic. They ne’er tyre of self-praise of their ain accomplishments or of their ain good nature which. harmonizing to them. is appreciated by all.

They frequently refer to the apparels ; they may hold given in charity. or the fiscal aid they may hold rendered person. Then there are others whose conversation is confined to the glare of their kids in every field of activity. The worst sort of conversation. and which makes him unwelcome to my head. at least. is when a invitee starts talking ailments of others. The motivation of the unfavorable judgment. of class. is to indicate out how good and pious a individual he himself is in contrast to the wicked people in the remainder of the universe! There are other sort of invitees who will come and click about this and that and blow one’s clip before. eventually. geting at the intent of their visit. They would non. straightaway. say that their intent is to borrow books. cassettes. money. apparels or even sugar or salt. Whatever is taken on the stalking-horse of ‘borrowing’ is. of class. handily ne’er returned.

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Further. there are those who come to one’s house with the exclusive intent of happening out what is go oning in person else’s house. If a nuptials is being planned. so their curiousness makes them travel into the history of the bride’s or groom’s household. their fiscal place. the sort of dowery to be given or taken and so on. Once they are loaded with information. their following measure is to travel to different houses in the vicinity and indulge in distributing rumours. Therefore. with such unwanted and unwelcome invitees dropping in at uneven times. it is small to be wondered at. if certain sort of invitees is unwelcome. It is up to us. if we wish to be welcome invitees. which is possible merely when we conduct ourselves with properness and give due consideration to the convenience of others. Merely so can we trust to be received harmonizing to our ancient Indian tradition and aspire to be regarded as welcome divinities by our host.

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