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Manners of Welcoming a New Born Baby in Islam

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Islam presents for mankind a complete and comprehensive system of life from the cradle to grave through manners. Manners in Islam are based on the guidance provided by Allah Himself and through the prophet Muhammad (pbuh). It covers even the slightest acts, such as entering or exiting a washroom. These are applicable for the whole society especially the elderly, the young, men and women. As manners in Islam present from the cradle, so there are manners of welcoming new-born child in Islam.

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Manners of Welcoming a New Born Baby in Islam
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The three manners of welcoming new-born child in Islam are reciting a Call to Prayer (adhan / iqamah), tahnik, and ‘aqiqah. The first manner of welcoming new-born child in Islam is reciting a Call to Prayer which is adhan or iqamah. It should be given straight after the birth or very soon afterward to make sure that the first thing the baby hears in this world will be the words of Tawheed. This is similarly as what has been done by the Messenger of Allah as reported by Abi Rafa’, “I saw the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) proclaiming adhan in the ears of Hasan bin ‘Ali when Fatima gave birth to him.

Besides, adhan will give a great and blessed effect on the child as it is the first words heard by the baby. In Addition, adhan also should be recited into the baby’s right ear and the iqamah recited into the baby’s left ear by anyone who is able to say the adhan of the salah such as the father. The benefit of this action is it can shunned the baby from satan disturbance. Ever since before the birth, Satan is planning to contaminate the pure heart of the baby, but when he hears the words which weakens him, he leaves the baby alone.

The second manner of welcoming new-born child in Islam is tahnik. Tahnik is rubbing a softened date upon the child palate just after the birth or soon after that. It is usually performs by the baby’s parent, a respected family member or some pious person. Instead of using dates in tahnik, other sweet thing such as honey also allowed to be use. According to Ibn Hajr said, “If one is not able to find a dried date, then a fresh date should be used, and if that is not available, then anything sweet. Besides, tahnik is just not an action of rubbing a softened date only but it is a practice of blessing the baby with religious piety. When the baby is born in a family it is taken to some pious person to do the tahnik, the idea behind that is the baby receives something sacred through its mouth from the lips and hand of a pious person. There are many benefits of the tahnik through medical and non-medical perspective. One is following the sunnah of the beloved Messenger Muhammad (pbuh).

Second, the tahnik also exercise the muscles of the mouth and helps with the circulation of blood which is brought by the movement of the jaws. The third manner of welcoming new-born child in Islam is ‘aqiqah. It is highly recommended to parents who are able in terms of money in performing this action for ‘aqiqah is a great sunnah of prophet Muhammad (pbuh). In addition, the reward for fulfilling sunnah of prophet Muhammad (pbuh) will be bestowed good merit by Allah (The Almighty). ‘Aqiqah defined as sacrificing animal due to the birth of a new born baby girl or boy.

It is preferable to do on the seventh day after birth or later it circumstances do not permit. For instance, Ibn ‘Abbas reported that Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) sacrificed a ram on the seventh day for both al-Hasan and al-Husain. There are some acceptable types of animal for ‘aqiqah such as sheep and cow. Two sheep are for a boy and one for a girl. However, the sacrifice part of cow is different between sheep for it is divided to seven parts while sheep is only one part. It is permissible to distribute the meat of sacrifice raw or cooked.

In addition, the meat is recommended to be cooked with sweet dishes and distributed to people rather than inviting them to a meal prepared from the ‘aqiqah. Besides, giving the cooked meat to the needy is highly recommended too. In conclusion, these three manners of welcoming new-born baby are highly recommended sunnah acts. Parents must ensure that these sunnah acts are done for their kids. Last but not least, in my opinion Muslim should not ignore and forget these good manners which can lead our life in the most befitting manner both spiritually as well as materially.


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