Video Games Are Good to Educate

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Throughout the history of gaming there has always been a stigma. The stigma is that games are bad for the youth and do not teach them anything necessary to further their development. A lot of individuals feel as though games are a waste of time and some people even feel that certain video games provoke abnormal behavior. Such as games like Grand Theft Auto 5, Red Dead Redemption, and Far Cry where violence is key and is encouraged, those that play get the free roam option to walk around and essentially do whatever.

They believe games showcase a fantasy that gets kids to believe that things in life are just like the games and you can act recklessly without consequences, but this isn’t the case video games just like movies and books are used as entertainment purposes and should not be taking seriously. It gives our minds a chance to enjoy something that is created from the minds of others put together to make that fantasy come to life in a way where we can comprehend.

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I know that video games have saved my life in a multitude of ways. Video games can help with depression, they teach hand-eye coordination, increases the ability to solve puzzles, they can teach language arts and mathematics, and gives people the thoughts necessary to approach a real-life situation with different ways to go about it.

I know for me growing up besides reading I learned most of my vocabulary through playing video games and the context of which they were used help me figure out the meaning of said words, along with hearing them the games visuals allows subtitles which then show me how they are spelled as well. When kids that take video games to seriously do the actions they commit that comes from the parents not being assertive and limiting the kids and what they can do also if your child is too young to play a game then its shouldn’t be bought that’s why games have ratings.

There was a test to see if the brains volumetric would increase to show that it does they had a group of adults play the game Super Mario 64 for 30 minutes a day for two months and a group of those who did not, and the data showed increase brain activity in the ones who played. (Vince, et al.) I that’s proves that games help our minds process and learn which puts away the negative stigma that games aren’t healthy in some cases.

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