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Vigilance Awareness

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As you are well aware, there is an increasing concern about corruption eroding the basic values of life. It has not only a negative effect in social dynamics but also erodes the value system established in the country. It is important that the younger generation who has to play a pivotal role in the development of the country needs to be educated on the urgency to fight against such unethical practices.

In general, Vigilance awareness means awareness about the rights and duties of the individual in curbing corruption – both social and economic.

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Vigilance Awareness
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It is a precaution to break corruption being aware of the corruption. Now-a-days, vigilance awareness week is celebrated for developing the social awareness amongst the people. When we are cheating in exams we think that we are very brilliant guy. But we don’t realize that we are leading a step towards an evil – corruption at our individual level. We are not aware of the affects of our works which lead to devastate the social and economic conditions of our country.

Now the question arises, why we have to be aware from this corruption? Why corruption is compelling us to be more aware and aware. Because corruption is found to be one of the most damaging consequences of poor governance system. It is characterized by lack of both transparency and accountability. Corruption lowers investment, hinders economic growth and human development. It is one of the factors responsible for poverty. That’s why we have to be vigilantly aware. If we found a cheating anywhere, we should immediately lodge a complaint. But many of us think that what is the need of lodging a complaint. If we oversight the corruption, it will be repeated again & again and lead to big scam. Hence, vigilance awareness is required to identify and check the fraud and disorderness.

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