Vision Of Utopia The Scarlet Letter Vs.

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Visions Of Utopia: “ The Scarlet Letter ” vs. Pleasantville

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In both “ The Scarlet Letter ” and “ Pleasantville, ” there is an image of utopia, a perfect universe that has been created and everyone that lives inside of it is happy with their lives and couldn ’ t wish for anything better. Besides in both utopias there is something or person that challenges the “ perfect ” universe because they do non believe it is perfect and thinks that it needs to be changed. In both narratives those that can non accept the alteration instantly seek to assail it and halt it in any manner possible. An foreigner or a new member of the community brings passion and new thoughts to the society and interrupt their position and being of a perfect life. Passion brings on wickedness, which so brings on alteration and there are a batch of people that can ’ t manage that alteration so they try to contend to continue their manner of life, the safe life, the “ perfect ” life.

In “ The Scarlet Letter, ” Hester is the 1 who challenges the Utopia of the Puritans. The Puritans live in a universe that is absent of colour and everyone is difficult working and is really loyal to god. Hester chose to dispute the Utopia of her clip by first perpetrating criminal conversation which challenged the thought of that criminal conversation was a wickedness and that was interrupting God ’ s Torahs. Hester besides challenged this alleged “ perfect ” universe by doing the “ A ” on her chest very excessive and colourful. It was as if she about wanted people to detect the “ A ” and pay attending to it. The Puritans that saw the “ A ” were fortified to see that she was demoing off something that was supposed to be a penalty for the great wickedness that she had committed. The whole town is so disquieted over what has happened that they easy start to alter and finally something that was the talk of the town when it happened easy faded off to nil to the small town people. Even though the Utopia in the puritan town was disturbed they were able to travel around it and bury and travel on with their lives like as if it ne’er happened.

In ” Pleasantville, ” Jen ( Mary Sue ) is the character that challenges the vision of Utopia that Thursday

vitamin E citizens of the town have. Pleasantville’s Utopia had some similarities to those in “The vermilion Letter.” The town was literally perfect, the conditions was ever the same everyone worked, the female parents cleaned the house and made dinner, merely like you would see in a film. The job with this perfect universe was that it was the same all the clip, some things changed in mundane activity but fundamentally it was all the same. Everyone went home the same clip every twenty-four hours, they did the exact same thing twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours. Due to the fact that things ne’er changed much the citizens of this town were happy with this and felt really safe and didn’t want things to alter, who wouldn’t want to populate in a perfect universe. Jen did non desire to conform to the regulations of the show or what they did, she wanted to bask herself and allow the people have a small merriment, they were capable of it, they merely didn’t know any better. The ground that people began to alter was that they believed in things outside of Pleasantville and wanted to see new and exciting things. The people that were really happy with the Utopia and didn’t want anything to alter automatically attacked those that were different and tried to do they abandon their beliefs. Their program did non work and the “colored” people did non give up, they were determined to maintain their newfound freedom and remain the manner they were. Finally everyone in the town changed and there was now something outside of Pleasantville. Almost everyone was happy with the alteration because it gave them freedom, if you do the same things twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours it gets palling indoors, you may non demo humor but you get bored it’s besides as if you are enslaved, but now they were free.

In decision I believe that there was something in both narratives that challenged the Utopia and they do did alter it someway. In “ Pleasantville ” I think that Jen and David and a more drastic consequence on the citizens so Hester had on her community but neither act stood unnoticed. I think that in both instances the alteration in the people ’ s “ perfect ” universe was for the better, and even though there were those that apposed the finally grew onto it and accepted the alteration.

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