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Water hyacinth paper

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1. Is it possible to produce paper from extracted fiber of water? 2. What are the physical characteristics of the paper produced from the extracted fiber of water hyacinth? 3. Is there significant differences is the produced paper from the extracted fiber from water hyacinth to that of the commercially available paper as tested to their strengths?

Scope and Delimitation
The plant on which we will obtain and try to utilize for pulp and paper making as Water Hyacinth. In doing this, the roots, leaves, stalks were separated.

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Water hyacinth paper
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Physical test such as tensile strengths was utilized to know the maximum tension to which a material can respond without breaking. The study includes also the determination of the bursting strength of paper, tearing resistance using Elmendorf Tearing Resistance Tester, and Folding endurance test using MIT Folding Tester.

Research Method Used:
Experimental Research is the method used.

1. Sampling
2. Chemical Pulping
3. Washing, Riasing,Sieving and Handpicking.
4. Disintegration and Beating
5. Bleaching/Dyeing
6. Pressing
7. Drying

Based on the result obtained on the analysis it shows that there is no significant between the paper produced from fibers of water hyacinth and then of the commercially available paper.

The fiber dimensions indicate that the water hyacinth may be good material for pulp and paper making. Water Hyacinth can be utilized for making medium quality paper and paperboards.

We strongly recommended to enhance the paper used a certain percentage of other fibrous pulps, wasted paper pulps etc., used the blended water hyacinth pulp. These also help to minimize the shrinkage paper during drying. Paper made from Water Hyacinth is durable, flexible, and extremely versatile.

Based on the experiment, we highly recommend the use of water hyacinth for paper production. In processed a high versatile and it was durable compared in those of the commercially available paper.

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