Way To Keep My Motivation

Lily runs a cafe by herself. Her skills include communication and management, which are what I need and am interested in. To open a coffee shop, first of all, I have to know about coffee, and I have to know how to make coffee, the most basic, and then open a shop including site selection, decoration, material selection, operation and a series of work. All this takes a lot of energy and money. And through excellent communication, employees and suppliers to maintain a good relationship. If the communication between people in life is not smooth, they cannot tell each other their real thoughts, which may cause unnecessary misunderstandings.

With the rapid development of communication means, people are less willing to communicate face to face. In this interview, I found that cafe is a service industry, so I have to talk with customers face to face, because I need to know their ideas and accept their opinions. It’s also essential to learn how to apologize. If the problem is not dealt with promptly and the apology may leave a wrong impression on others. Learning to manage at work is an essential skill. Management at work can be understood as self-discipline for individuals. Remember what you need to do each day, and plan yourself accordingly. Management at work for an organization or a group, management is more like a process of coordination or collaboration. You need to plan ahead to deal with unknown risks. Facing the hardships of life, I have to work hard in the future to maintain my life.

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But it is a kind of way to keep my motivation. At the same time, in the future, I will be more polite to others. I will think carefully before speaking, taking into account the other person’s feelings. More attention should be paid to management, especially time management. If you don’t have a clear deadline for each task, people tend to procrastinate indefinitely. If you have a time limit, most people will meet that deadline. Before a meeting, you need to set a specific goal for the meeting. At work, meetings are time-consuming but are avoidable. People usually waste penalty time in meetings and get nothing. Therefore, before each session, it is necessary to set specific goals for the meeting. The outcome of the meeting must be clearly defined and communicated to the participants before the meeting so that the objectives can be effectively achieved.

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