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Umberto, a company launching a new insecticide called BoPal, made a mistake by not properly researching the name and its potential cultural connotations in the market they were entering. A focus group would have been the best primary research tool for Umberto to gather market intelligence on the name of its new product. Benefits of using a focus group include quick, cost-effective data collection and in-depth discussions. Umberto ignored people’s sensitivity and emotional associations with the word Popal, which was the name chosen for the insecticide. To prevent this mistake, Umberto should have provided appropriate resources for the research and used a qualified person to fulfill the process. In responding to protests over the BoPal insecticide, Umberto made the mistake of not accepting blame and making a bad excuse. To prevent this mistake, Umberto could have turned the complaint into an opportunity by engaging in two-way dialogue with protesters and donating a part of company income to local charitable organizations.

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1. Before launching its new BoPal insecticide, what primary research tool could Umberto have used to gather market intelligence on the name of its new product. The best primary research tool Umberto could have used, in my opinion, was Focus Group which is a type of qualitative research. Compared to other primary research tolls including surveys, interviews and observation, “focus group research is the only setting available to the marketer for finding out deep motivations which can then be used to fulfill people’s deepest needs” (Silverman). In a group of people who could have been asked question about the subject, esearchers could have easily observed the reaction of the members of the group to the name Popal. Through interaction and discussion between members of the group, researcher could have even found more deep information about how this name might offend local people and what they might be reminded of. 2. What benefits would Umberto receive as a result of using such a tool? “The advantages of focus groups according to Al-hajji Issa of Mountains of the Moon University include, ‘It is quick, cheap and relatively easy to assemble’ ” (Focus Group).

People in the group would get each other thinking which would result in a much more in- depth discussion. The involvement of a qualified moderator could have involved everyone in the conversation and brought Umberto the chance to get rich data and develop a clear understanding of the consequences of naming its insecticide PoPal quickly and cost effectively. 3. When participating in the global marketplace, companies must take into account various environmental differences. a. Which environmental difference did Umberto ignore and why? b. How might Umberto have prevented the misnaming of its insecticide?

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Before entering a new market, companies should consider cultural differences and sensitivities, and in the event of naming a product and introducing it to that market they should get aware of emotional association that a word or phrase may carry. “A word or a name that means something innocuous in a language may create a negative connotation in another” (Global 150). It can be an important factor in success or failure of a business. Umberto ignored people’s sensitivity and what the word Popal meant to them. This Obviously happened because the process of naming the product was not carried out by qualified person.

To prevent misnaming of its product, Umberto should have provided appropriate resources for the research and used qualified person to fulfill the process. 4. What mistake has Umberto made in responding to protests over the BoPal insecticide? Apparently, Umberto was not prepared to accept the blame and couldn’t explain why PoPal had been chosen as a name. I think the company mistakenly claimed that the name had been chosen by a chemical engineer, the one who is not inherently the right person to do the job. It was a bad excuse to bring and never could be accepted by those who were offended by the name. . What strategy(s) / action(s) would you have done to prevent this mistake? I think Umberto should have turned the complaint into an opportunity. If I had been in the position, I would have maintained a channel to gather feedback and make the protesters talk about their feelings and thoughts. I would have managed to engage protesters in a two way dialogue in order to establish a relationship with and get them involved in the process of renaming the product. Furthermore, I would have gone beyond expectations by donating a part of company’s income to local charitable organizations.

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