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What are the environmental factors that affect enzyme action?

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    What are the environmental factors that affect enzyme action? Enzyme is a biological catalyst whose action is influenced by the following actor: Temperature; the higher the temperature, the faster the frequency of collision and the enzyme action is increased. Enzyme works within a narrow range of temperature.

    When there is a deviation from the narrow limit, the enzyme can be denatured, and its function thereafter halted. PH: catalysts including enzymes work within the close of range of Ph [hydrogen ion concentration]. The hydrogen ion concentration also affects enzyme activity just as temperature. An increase or decrease in pH halts the enzyme function.

    Concentration: enzymes are usually required in low concentration. The concentration of the enzyme also affects the rate reaction; the higher the concentration, the faster the rate of reaction until it reaches the stage of saturation at which it can not longer. Concentration of substrate; the concentration of substrate increases the rate of reaction and promotes enzyme activity when it is high until the enzyme is saturated. Presence of inhibitors: inhibition of enzyme can be competitive, uncompetitive and non-competitive.

    In each case, the inhibitor interferes with enzyme activity when present in sufficient quantity to compete, or also change of configuration of the receptor site for the enzyme. Physical characteristics of reacting substances: matter exists in three states: solid, liquid and gas. An enzymatic reaction rate is increased as the substrate changes it state from solid, to liquid and then gas. This is because there is increase surface area available for reaction, and the enzyme can effectively work on the substrate molecules.

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