An Analysis of the Exposition, Rising Action, Falling Action, Climax and Resolution in Old Yeller, a Book by Fred Gipson

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Is it worth it to take a major risk to save your family? In Old Yeller, Travis makes it clear that it is worth it. In this essay, I will cover the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution of the book. I will give a short summary of the book also. The theme of this book is very important and that will also be covered.

First of all, the main conflict is that Travis has to shoot Old Yeller because he has hydrophobia. The main characters are Travis, the Mother, Arliss, Old Yeller, and Lisbeth. The setting is in a settlement in Texas.

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I would like to point out some of the main events in the rising action. When Travis’s dad first leaves, Travis feels like he must be the big man until his dad gets back, which he does have to. Travis does not disappoint. When Arliss got attacked by the mama bear, Old Yeller fended her off while everyone else ran inside. After that incident, Travis thought of Old Yeller as part of the family, since he had saved Arliss’s life. Travis gets cut by a boar and so does Old Yeller. While Old Yeller and him are being nursed back to health, Travis’s mom has to do everything around the house.

Next, Travis is called out in a hurry when Mom and Lisbeth get attacked by a rabid wolf. Old Yeller steps in and fends off the wolf. Sadly, Old Yeller is bitten by the wolf. Travis grabs his gun and shoots the wolf. Since Old Yeller was bitten, he now will get hydrophobia. Travis’s mother tells him to shoot Old Yeller. Reluctantly, Travis shoots him.

Travis does not feel good about shooting Old Yeller, even after a few days. He feels as if Old Yeller had saved them, just to get shot. Travis feels terrible after that, even when his Pa comes home with a horse for him.

Shortly after, Travis tells his Pa about old Yeller and how he had to shoot him. His Pa tries to cheer him up and they eat supper. The spotted pup steals some cornbread from Travis’s mother and it reminds him of Old Yeller. The next morning Travis catches Arliss and the spotted pup in their drinking water. He does not say anything because it reminds him of Old Yeller.

Old Yeller teaches that some things you just have to sacrifice to save your loved ones. It teaches that even your best friends can turn into enemies. It shows how quickly things can change. For Example: You could be living a happy life then suddenly get cancer and have to go through chemotherapy.

Old Yeller is an inspiring book and I have learned from it. This essay has covered the main characters, conflicts, setting, climax, falling action, and resolution of the book. I learned that things can change in a blind of an eye so you need to be careful. I can see why Travis mad the decision to shoot Old Yeller. What would you do if you were in his place?

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