When Mexicans Begin Jogging - Literature Essay Example

“Mexicans Begin Jogging,” is a thought-provoking poem written by Gary Soto.  I really enjoyed reading this poem.  It contains so many messages.  For example, by reading this poem, it is easy to see that the Gary Soto is pointing out cultural stereotypes that are faced my Mexican-Americans.    Because the writer is of Mexican descent, he is not seen by society as a real American.   Even when he tells his boss that he is American, he is not believed.

But, the tone of this poem is very positive - When Mexicans Begin Jogging introduction. The writer keeps a good attitude in the poem.  He seems to understand, and be able to deal with not being seen as American.  Maybe because he knows in his heart that he is also American.  So, he does not feel the need to prove it to his boss at that moment.  I think he is also proud to be Mexican-American, and he is happy with his factory job and his life.  He is aware of the American dream and he seems to know that one day he will have the American dream.  I believe this is the theme of this poem.  The writer knows that one day he can have a better life. That is why he can smile in his current situation, and he can salute the American culture, like the game of baseball.


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However, the writer must get a strange feeling in the poem as he runs past the people watching the Mexicans run away.  People are watching him like he has done something wrong, but he has not done anything wrong.  He has a right to work in the factory.  I wonder if he thinks about not running, since he does not need to run away.

Even though he is happy, I think maybe he feels a little sadness when he is running, because he runs past very nice houses and neighborhoods, to the poor areas where the Mexicans live and he sees how much better the other people have things than the Mexicans have.

This poem is really good and it motivates me to work hard for a better future for myself.


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