When Mexicans Begin Jogging

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“Mexicans Begin Jogging,” written by Gary Soto, is a thought-provoking poem that I thoroughly enjoyed. It conveys multiple meaningful messages.

The poem reveals how Gary Soto emphasizes the cultural stereotypes faced by Mexican-Americans. Society disregards his American identity because of his Mexican heritage. Despite asserting his Americanness to his employer, he is still met with doubt. However, the overall tone of the poem remains hopeful.

The poet maintains a positive outlook in the poem as he appears to comprehend and handle being unrecognized as an American. Perhaps this is because he genuinely believes himself to be American deep down. Consequently, he does not feel compelled to demonstrate his American identity to his boss in that particular moment.

I believe the writer of this poem is proud to be Mexican-American, content with his factory job and overall life. He is aware of the American dream and confident that one day he will achieve it. The poem’s theme revolves around this belief in a brighter future and the writer’s certainty that he can attain a better life.

The writer can smile and appreciate American culture, such as the game of baseball, despite his current situation. Nevertheless, as he runs past people witnessing Mexicans fleeing, he experiences an odd sensation. He is being observed as if he has committed an offense, though he has not. It is his right to be employed in the factory.

I question if he considers refraining from running, given that running away is unnecessary. Despite his contentment, I surmise that he may experience a twinge of sorrow whilst running, as he traverses affluent residences and neighborhoods towards the impoverished areas where Mexicans reside, witnessing the stark disparities in their circumstances. This verse is truly commendable and it inspires me to strive diligently towards a brighter future for myself.

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