Why Bebe-guns Are Dangerous

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This past summer, when I was “horsing” around with my friends, I came to realize how dangerous a bebe-gun can be. I learned that I had made a big mistake by not thinking before my actions, and that is what got me into trouble. My friends and I were fooling around with a bebe-gun, shooting at cans.

One bebe ricocheted off one of the cans and hit a man on the golf course. I wanted to apologize, but was frightened to at the time. The park police came to my house and questioned us about what had happened. I was frightened by the fact that an official was actually questioning me.

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Thats when I realized that my actions were careless, and could have been avoided. First of all, I have researched the several dangers of bebe-guns, and any other guns. There have been numerous incidents that were caused by the use of guns. One example is that when an adolescent is using a bebe-gun, it can turn into a weapon against him or herself or somebody else.

A bebe-gun can be a powerful and dangerous weapon in anyones hands. This is why many people get in trouble or hurt by bebe-guns. This is similar to my situation. I did not realize that a bebe-gun could get me in trouble, I learned that the hard way.

I feel that the most important thing about bebe-guns, is that if youre going to use one, you have to be particularly careful and must make several precautions before using one. Secondly, it is important to note that bebe-guns must be kept away from those who dont know how to use one. For example, if it gets into the hands of a child, it can be very hazardous to the childs well-being. Many people do not consider a bebe-gun as a dangerous weapon.

They arent careful about putting away in a safe place, or making sure that it doesnt have any bebes or pellets in it.This carelessness often leads to accidents that could have been avoided. The fact is that many young children find the gun, and end up hurting themselves or someone around them. Bebe-guns, should be kept away from anyone who does not know how it works.

This simple precaution can stop any unneeded accidents that will hurt, or even permanently injure someone. Thirdly, teens and bebe-guns are not a good mix in many instances. Some use them to vandalize houses, and are often careless and reckless with them.I am sure that there are individuals that want something done to prevent kids from damaging property and other individuals through the use of bebe-guns.

One incident that occurred at my house, for example, proves this point. Someone shot a bebe at our garage window, and this greatly angered both me and my parents. That person got away with damaging property with a beb-gun, and I wish he had gotten caught. Bebe-guns can hurt people and can damage property.

Finally, a bebe-gun can be a very dangerous weapon when not used properly and carefully.The only way a bebe-gun can be safe is if the person is not near anyone who can accidentally get hit or are around an are where a house can get hit. To realize these factors you must be a very responsible person who knows how to use a bebe-gun safely. If not used with these proper precautions you can hurt, injure, or even kill someone or an innocent animal without realizing that you have done it till you see the damage that you have caused.

This is what I have learned about the dangers of bebe-guns, by reading, hearing, and by the knowledge that I have gained during my own accident that I caused.

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