Why I Want to Become a Journalist

Being a high school senior, I am constantly bombarded with questions concerning my future. I am asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up? What are you going to major in?” and the like. These queries are echoed over and over by the voices of people around me. Usually, I just tell these people that I want to become a broadcast journalist, and to accomplish this I will major in journalism. Most often they are satisfied with this answer, encouraging me with something like, “Good for you!” and the conversation ends there.

However, sometimes this straightforward answer is not satisfactory, and someone will ask why I want to do these things. At this point, my answer transitions into a more complex one. There is not one specific reason why I want to become a journalist, but more of a gamut of rationale behind this decision.

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Journalism is one of the major components that helps change the world. If society just sat around being indifferent to the issues surrounding them, we would never make the world better. As a journalist, I would like to not only seek out and report the truth about issues around the world, but also convey information on affairs that are important to me. I am passionate about a myriad of subjects, and I would love to report on stories concerning social change and politics. I consider myself an advocate for many of these issues, such as equality and women’s rights. 

I believe an important part about journalism is being passionate about the stories you report on, while also offering an unbiased report. Sometimes I feel reports on such issues can be one-sided with somewhat cloudy details in order to support the most popular side of the issue. To become the best journalist I can be, I would try my hardest to seek out the actual facts of a story and give an impartial, wholly truthful report.

Another thing I hope to accomplish would be getting young people more involved in and passionate about social, economical, and political issues around them. All too often, I hear people my age say that they find the news “boring” and are consequently unaware of many important issues that surround and affect them. Young adults are the group which will soon grow up to enact change, but if they are disinterested or oblivious about current affairs, how will they change it for the better? I believe that if news programs were to involve more young adults through tools on social media such as surveys and sharing of opinions, this generation would be more inclined to take interest in such matters.

The world around us changes rapidly, and with all that change, it is necessary to talk about all of the issues, good and bad, that are shaping our future. Journalism is something I am passionate about, and I would love to have it as my career in order to make changes that help mold the pursuits of tomorrow.

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