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Why Marijuana Shouldn’t Be Legalized

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Everyone knows the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol, like any other drug marijuana is an addictive substance. According to an image on SloshSpot, one out of three people at age twelve and older admit to smoking marijuana. All over the United States their are different densities of habitual marijuana users. People shouldn’t want that in the air or even for young teens to be smoking the substances, mostly because of it’s addictive nature and that it can lead you to more harmful and life-threatening drugs.

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Why Marijuana Shouldn’t Be Legalized
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Most of these people that make the choice to take drugs are likely to not live as long. When doing such people don’t realize it until they try to quit, how difficult it is with the addicting quality of the drug. In fact, any drug or chemical substance has the ability to make you rely on it so much where don’t even know it. Marijuana users usually find it by starting with another drug first.

Smoking marijuana, whether you know it or not can cause brain, lung, and skin damage and slipping into that habit is a whole lot easier than trying to get away.

The way you act after isn’t right, you don’t realize the consequences of doing these things because your not capable of interpreting the situation. Your brain shuts off and goes into a hallucinated world that makes it extremely hard to tell what your doing. Having a job it can make a wrong turn at your work place, or hurt someone on your job cause your not paying attention. With School there is pressure to do stuff that you’ll regret, and some of those things you probably won’t remember.

Marijuana is the most widely abused illicit drug in the nation among both youth and adults, which can cause someone to go do more harmful drugs. Researchers at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York note that marijuana is often called a “gateway drug,” suggesting addiction to one drug could make a person vulnerable to abuse and addiction of harder drugs. In truth, the brain may “remember” previous usage and make users vulnerable to harder drugs later in life.

Marijuana can cause you to be prone to do harder drugs, but most likely later in life. Through proponents of decriminalization and legalization purport that marijuana does not contribute to violent behavior and/or victimization; rather it contributes to a mellow mood, but A clear link between violence and marijuana use among adolescents has been established, and exists for gang involvement, and thoughts of suicide.

To put this all to rest, marijuana is an leading cause for teens need to abuse drugs; and leads them on to a path of possible life threatening situations. Legislation seeking to legalize marijuana will reduce the perception of harm associated with its use thereby increasing the number of new initiates and enabling existing addictive behaviors to continue. By doing so they’ll have more people driving under the influence of drugs and threatening many other peoples lives.

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Why Marijuana Shouldn’t Be Legalized. (2016, Nov 22). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/why-marijuana-shouldnt-be-legalized/

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