Why you should watch Youtube

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Youtube is a app/website used to watch digital content from a computer or phone

There’s different types of videos to see, cooking videos, DIY videos, gameplay videos and many more. Youtube isn’t just for entertainment. There’s informational videos which could help out in doing homework and gathering information.

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So if you want to find a certain video, just type it in to the search bar. Sometimes you have to be specific to get exactly what you want but it’s worth it. Watching youtube can help you find things you never thought you were looking for or videos you could be interested in. Things like music, movies and shows can be found on youtube. Youtube is an interesting world of videos with each different content. People actually make a living out of this by making youtube channels where they post their own videos and content for people to view. They can gain subscribers (people who like/follow your channel) so there channel can grow. While watching youtube, you have to keep in mind to watch age appropriate videos. Some people on youtube don’t seem to understand that and post negative content so it’s best to be careful about what you watch that way you can have fun on youtube.

Netflix and Hulu just have movies and shows. Youtube has more than just that, and you can connect your device to your TV so whatever your watching on youtube, shows up on the TV screen, it’s nice and wide to see then just on a small screen. If you can’t hear the video or you just don’t want to add volume, you have a choice to add captions, set it in any language. You can read what there saying of the screen. Youtube not all has videos for adults or teens.

Youtube is for all ages and youtube always has something for everyone to enjoy

It has videos for children. Songs about shapes and colors, music for little kids, shows, little videos about toys and more little stuff like that to entertain there little minds and get them sorta set on learning.

For teens there’s educational videos and beauty gurus, YouTubers who do game plays, sports, live streams, and more.

Adults have lots of things to watch like sports, cooking videos, TV shows, and more.

It’s like a community that brings everyone from all around the world together. There’s things in different types of languages so people can understand so they don’t always have to use captions. There’s even music that’s in different languages so everyone has something in their language.

On youtube you can like and share videos, comment and like others peoples comment or reply. People can even like and reply to your comments and if you make it public everyone can see what you say so be careful about what you say. Keep in mind when you comment people can even look at your channel even if you posted a video or not and you can still get subscribers.when you first open youtube, you might see some random videos but thoughts are just recommended to you just to see if your interested and if its related to what you normally watch it’ll place it there to see if you would like to see it.

When you click on a video, while your watching it, it gives you a list of related videos that could lead you to more and more videos.
So as you can see, youtube is better than netflix and hulu and you should watch it.

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