Women Should Carry Mobile Phone

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The mobile phone has become an important tool for individuals, especially women, to get help in times of trouble. Women should carry a mobile phone to call someone they trust, such as their parents or the police, if they become a target of bad people. Additionally, mobile phones are popular accessories for women because they are expensive and display the latest technology. Mothers with children far from them can use mobile phones to call their child to check up on them. However, the rise of cell phones has also caused negative effects such as addiction and a lack of face-to-face communication. Cell phone companies continue to release new hardware and software that keep people connected and distracted from their surroundings. This addiction to cell phones is becoming a societal epidemic that has the potential to change everyday life.

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The problem always follows us, although we evade it, so we have taken care our self from things that make us pleasure. By that we have brought something that can help us. The mobile phone is the best thing that we have brought. This is because, when we problem we can call someone to help us. Women should carry the mobile phone to make sure their can get help from another person that they trust. As we know, today women become targets from bad people. From mobile phone women can call someone, such as their parent or police to help. Second, mobile phone also as a accessory for women. Women like mobile phone accessory because the mobile phone is expensive, so women confident in their self when brings mobile that have highest technology. Beside that woman likes to bring thing that expensive to get attention from others. The mobile phone is good for mother that have child far from her. This is because, mother always feeling apprehensive for her child. Buy mobile phone a mother can call her child to know what happen to him or ask if her child have a problem. In conclusion, mobile phone important for us, especially for women to get help from other people.

“Do Cell Phones Help or Hinder Society?”. Times have changed tremendously in the last twenty five years in regards to how the world communicates with each other. The birth of new technology such as cell phones with internet capability, laptop computers, and even the recently released I-Pad has made communication with anyone outside of talking distance immediately accessible. Even though to many people this seems like a movement in the right direction for the future of the world, there are still people who hold firm to the idea that communicating with people face to face is much better for society. Teenagers today use cell phones much more than any other age group, but they are not the only ones affected; parents and even young children have become wrapped up in mobile connectivity. Cell phone companies understand this and in an effort to make more money, they put out new hardware such as newer, more stylish cell phones and software such as internet, text messaging, and applications that can hold anyone’s attention for long periods of time.

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For the working class mothers and fathers, a call from the boss on a Saturday afternoon to come into work is never far away from possible. Each of these things cause problems in society that were less noticeable in past years, whereas the addiction to cell phones today is a full blown epidemic. Though cell phones have many positive functions and can help people in their everyday lives, the same negative effects of cell phones will only continue to grow and spread throughout society, and essentially have the capability to change everyday life as we know it now. It is noticeable everywhere you go in public. People no longer keep their cell phone in their pocket or a bag anymore. They have it in their hands so that they can be ready to use it in case of a call or text. This kind of behavior spills into home and family life, especially for parents.

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