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“The Men We Carry in Our Minds” by Scott Russell Sanders Sample

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In “The Men We Carry in Our Minds” by Scott Russell Sanders. Drum sanders described how work forces worked difficult all twenty-four hours and the wellness issues they subsequently on in life. Drum sanders besides show the remarks and reactions of adult females he knew or came across throughout his childhood life. As he got older. his sentiment changed enormously. He realized adult females had it much harder. In the society today. work forces and adult females are seeking to do things equal between the two genders.

Womans are allowed to take part in what some people call work forces activities or occupations. such as: welding. mechanics. or even being the Chief executive officer of some companies. During Sanders’s past most of a man’s hereafter was to work hard and to back up their households and women’s occupations were to take attention of the house and kids. In the yesteryear. all work forces worked hard. Drum sanders grew up to believe that work forces were to be in charge of everything.

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“The Men We Carry in Our Minds” by Scott Russell Sanders Sample
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Men were the anchor of the state. Drum sanders say “When I was a male child. the work forces I knew labored with their organic structures. they were fringy husbandmans. merely trashing by. or welders. steelmakers. and carpenters” ( Sanders. 623. ) Sanders had more consideration towards work forces. His position on work forces are without a uncertainty shown. that work forces are what keeps this state up. if it was non for the difficult working custodies of work forces. nil would be able to acquire function decently.

He besides believed that work forces were warriors. superior existences that would give their life for the right thing. It has ever been known that work forces are more in control than adult females are. It is clearly shown that Sanders is sensitive towards work forces and will ever be on their side no affair what the state of affairs is. but he besides has a soft side for adult females because he has now come to recognize what they go through alot while work forces are at work. Drum sanders besides show his positions on adult females. He believe that adult females have it harder than work forces. “This must be a difficult clip for women… . they have so many waies to take from. and so many voices naming them” ( Sanders. 621. ) He means that there are so many different types of possibilities and new determinations that adult females have to take. and the bulk of them are non easy picks to do. Drum sanders measure up to his early positions of work forces and adult females to his positions subsequently on in his life. Drum sanders examine the lives of different work forces that live around him. In this connexion. he finds out that the bulk all the work forces who live around him. have come to hold a certain feeling and mentality in the universe around them. He expresses. for case. that the male parent considers himself powerful in the place. He makes most of the determinations and dictates a batch. The undertaking for work forces were to do certain all the measures were able to acquire paid. do certain there was nutrient on the tabular array. and to maintain his household safe. Because the hubby controls everything in the place. his household is more reliant on him.

It gives him the upper manus. which allows work forces to believe they were to be in charge of everything around them. which is non the instance. Most work forces make the money to pay the measures but leave the adult females to acquire everything done. Drum sanders further explains that the hapless criterion composite built up in adult females comes from the thought and thought that they need to be responsible for many responsibilities in the society. For illustration. they ever have the force per unit area to manage their childs. maintain their calling. and unite these with cookery dinner and other things that come with life in the universe. Thus. all these responsibilities weigh them down. because they seem to be worried with many of import things. He says that there is a feeling of guilt that comes to his head once he sees adult females broken. Furthermore. if the laden people are the hapless. the writer feels that that is perfectly non right. In add-on. a feeling of shame. astonishment and confusion comes to him. when he thinks of adult females being discriminated.


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