Mobile Phone and Elderly People

Telecommunication tools such as mobile phones and the Internet are very useful. However, it is rare for elderly people to use them. In what ways can mobile phones and the Internet be useful to elderly people? How can elderly people be encouraged to use them? Over a century, modern science technologies contribute to our ways of life. Such as telecommunication industry helps people transfer information anywhere anytime regardless how much distance between the sender and receiver. However, senior citizens always show their attitude of refusal in high-tech tools. Elder people do not easy accept mobile phones and Internet.

Mobile phones, especially smart mobile phones are not designed user-friendly to elderly people. A default large font and a big button on a mobile device would attract elder people’s interest. Not only this user interface problem but also the complicated business logic incell phone’s software hinders the popularity of mobile phones in senior citizens. For example, there are 3 different passwords everyone needs remembering to pay the clothes that just buy online. It would be definitely easier for senior citizens, even for the youth, if we have a simple process with enough security.

Even though Internet does not have a user-friendly problem, it does have other issues hinder the prevalent throughout pensioners. Telecommunication carriers who will send their customer bill every month provide Internet service. Elder people commonly worried about medical expense are not a wealthy group in this society. The authorities should allocate money to those pensioners who cannot afford the internet service bill. Last but not least, Internet service provides and mobile phone designers should give elder people a strong reason to use their products or services.

Because currently all the applications developed on smart phones and all the internet services are born for the youth, from the sports game to dating applications. To encourage elder individuals to use modern technologies, the authorities must protect the designer’s interests on pensioner oriented application. Policies such as tax reduction and allowance would be options. Overall, even though elder people are not benefit from mobile phones and internet, we can do something to change the situation to make their life better.

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