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World Balance International is a company that distributes and markets high-quality footwear and apparel worldwide under its own brand. Their products include slippers, shoes, sandals, hiker shoes, casual shoes, and sports styles for men, women, teenagers, and children. The company’s success factor is the combination of style, quality, and affordability. To maintain their quality, they use the element of balance in their products, and they have a customer-focused policy to ensure customer satisfaction. The company makes sure to choose the right materials, and they continuously conduct quality inspections to ensure the quality of their products. The company’s major departments work together to determine the needs and requirements of their customers and to collect their feedback to make the necessary changes.

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Company Profile 

History In October 14, 2008, World Balance International was introduced to the market, which aims to distribute and market top and excellent quality footwear and apparel worldwide under its brand.

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Company’s Product and Services World balance features a variety of footwear to provide Filipino men and women with more options. World class quality at affordable prices offered in their products of slippers, shoes and sandals, hiker shoes casual shoes, and styles for running and other sports activities for men and women, teenagers and also children. Its footwear reflects a combination of style, quality and value that appeals to a wide range of consumers focusing on current fashions at affordable prices.

Quality Policy

“Pinoys are generally dawn to brands, they always associate brands with quality. If you have a brand that is local sounding, chances are, it will have a weak following even if you have good quality products. Still, if you have a foreign-sounding brand but with low quality, Pinoys will not patronize the product” – Armand Chong, published on the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

One strategic edge is choosing a foreign-sounding label with very good quality. With this, the people would be interested and will still come back to buy their products in the market. And from the name itself, the word balance describes their company’s eye for quality. “After all, shoes, to have a better fit, should be made with the element of balance. ” as said by Mr. Chong in the Newspaper. The company bought a SAP system for accounting and sales analysis. They send a team to check out the quality of the shoes while in the factory, for regular quality inspections.

The success factor of this company is the good quality of their product but sold in affordable prices. To maintain the good quality of their product they make sure of choosing the right materials for their products and also a smooth distribution to every branch.

Customer Focus 


  • end user
  • wholesalers


  • consignee
  • employees
  • management
  • shareholders

As for the quality system of the company, they have only one rule which is customer satisfaction. To have a satisfied customer is the primary function of the business.

Thus, if there is no satisfied customer, then there is no profit, there is no business. The company’s actions are geared in satisfying and keeping the customer. It’s important for the company to be able to know their customer’s feedback, to listen to them and to make measures to ensure that the customer is satisfied. To be successful in attaining this, major departments in the company works hand in hand.

It all starts in the Accounting Department, in purchasing and dealing with the suppliers, they make sure that they buy products and materials that would meet the demand of requirements of the customers. The Sales Department on the other hand is responsible for the product’s distribution. They make sure that in every branch, customer services are done properly by their sales person.

To determine the needs and requirements of the customer the company must know the customer’s feedback. The interaction between the sales person and the customer provides their needed feedback. Every week, there would be a management meeting to collect every customer’s feedback and they make the necessary changes as soon as possible.

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