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World Cup 2014 in Brazil- Informative Speech

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In 2014 Brazil will host one of the most important competitions for the sports. It is the FIFA world cup. It will be the 20th official FIFA world cup and it will happen between June 12 and July 13 of 2014. The winter will not stop everybody to have a good time because the temperatures during winter time in Brazil usually do not go below 45 degrees. Brazil will be host the competition for the second time. The first time was in 1950 right after the World War 2.

The two world cup before this one got canceled because of the war.

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World Cup 2014 in Brazil- Informative Speech
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In 1950 the final was Brazil vs. Uruguay. Uruguay beat brazil 2 to 1 and received the title. Seventeen cities showed interest in being chosen as world cup host cities, but usually FIFA only approves 8 to 10 cities so they ended up choosing 12 cities in 12 different states. The final game will happen in Rio de Janeiro at Macarana stadium. And the opening ceremony was supposed to happen at Sao Paulo’s futbol club stadium but technical problems won’t allow it so a brand new stadium will be build just for the world cup.

One of the most popular cities Rio de Janeiro is the second largest cities of Brazil, containing 6. 3 million people and it is very famous for the samba, carnaval and the Christ of Redeemer. Maracana is their principal and biggest stadium. It was built for the world cup in 1050. It was renovated 2006 and fits 82 000 people but in the days it used to fit almost 200 000 people. Sao Paulo is also a popular city. It is compared to New York City because of the traffic, buildings, people walking on the, tall buildings etc.

Sao Paulo is the largest city in South and Central America. The population use a lot of public transportation because cars are very expensive and there is a lot of traffic. Sao Paulo is known as the “motor of the economy” because a lot of big companies has their bases in Sao Paulo. I think the event will bring improvements in general for the country such as political and security also will make the economy grow because we will have a lot of tourists coming and they will get to know our culture better.

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