World Wide Web Changed the Whole World

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In the last century there were so many earth shattering inventions. Of those earth shattering inventions many change the way society works. Then there was the World Wide Web that changed the whole world. I think World Wide Web is the best invention because in 2007 you could find 15-30 billion pages since it is 2010 it is probably double. Web is an extraordinary thing you can look at pictures, sounds, and videos; only if you have a web browser. Society before the web was all right.

Back then you had to pick something from the library, get a newspaper or ask a friend. So now you are saving tree not energy. Now you go to a search engine like Google or Bing and find whatever you want. The web has changed by getting faster, also now you can interact with it like skypeing. Skypeing is possible now because they installed a small video camera in your computer. Also it has gotten a lot bigger one website can have thousands of pages. The web has changed society for ever.

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But before that someone had to make it that Tim Berners Lee. Tim Berners-lee invented the web at the time he was an English computer scientist at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) physics laboratory near Geneva, Switzerland; Tim wrote it in 1900. Tim had all the other pieces already placed out there all he did was a little tweak here and there and ta da WWW. Some steps that lead to the invention of the web that some people already came up with http, Internet Protocol, and also the Transmission Control Protocol.

Tim Berners-lee is a genius. The web transformed society by connecting everyone together. One thing is that you do not use a lot of paper. Also you have connections to whatever you want. Back then Tim had to convince a lot of people to try it out because no one wanted to. Now people say they cannot live without it and that is probably true. Also it has grown because now you have search engines so one click of my button and I am at a different page. Web has advanced because it has gotten a lot faster.

Overall the web has changed society and the worlod! The web has changed society and it will never ever be the same as before and will never go back. The web has had tremendous growth in 2007 it was 15-30 billion pages. Also now you can interact with the pages. WWW is a big thing in the past it struck the world shock millions of minds and is never going away. For the future I have a feeling it is going to grow and grow and grow and never going to stop. The web has grown and will grow and is one of the best inventions in the last centrie.

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