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Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc

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Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc

Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc is an international company that is specialized in providing quality telecommunication around the world. The main objective of the said company is to provide quality telecommunication service by providing independent payphone and hospitality service (Worldwide Telecommunications, 2007).

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Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc
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The company had gain popularity because of the good performance in the telecommunication industry. The company’s reputation of being honest was their vehicle in the success of Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc. They treated their costumer as friend thus giving the full service needed by their costumer.

The company’s main purpose is to provide quality telecommunication service that will be needed by their client to gain revenues and also to success of their costumers is part on their plan (Worldwide Telecommunications, 2007).

The Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc has many services to offer that made the company more costumers friendly and the center of attention of all the services offered is the satisfaction of their clients. One of the services the company offers is the “One Plus Service”.

In this kind of service, the company formulated a new formula or system of one plus service. This is to eliminate or decrease the problems encountered on the conventional one plus service (Worldwide Telecommunications, 2007).

Another service they offer is the operator and support services. In this kind of service, the main concern is the problems encountered by their client when giving the telecommunication service. The operator and support services will aide their client in troubleshooting some of the problems. In this way, the company increases their commitment in providing a good quality of telecommunication service (Worldwide Telecommunications, 2007).

Cultural Change

If Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc use multicultural in the workforce, there are possible problems that may arise. First is that a multicultural environment when compared to a monoculture environment is less harmonious when working. This is because there is a big possibility that people from different culture or country may not cooperate as a team when working in a given department of the company.

Why there is a big possibility that they may not work as a team? This is because every culture has its own identity or characteristics. There may come a time when one personnel of the company has done something but on the other personnel, it is prohibited in their culture, conflict will arise between the two personnel with different culture or beliefs. Thus this will result to low performance of the personnel inside the company. Though the personnel must exercise ethical standards and professionalism, there is no assurance that all the personnel who are multicultural may practice the ethical standards and work as a team.

Discrimination may also arise that will hinder the good performance of those personnel who are discriminated by other people. There are times when the top performing personnel of the company may belong to a culture or society that can be discriminated. If discrimination will happen, the personnel, who perform well, will loss his self confidence in performing his or her duty. This will create a big impact as part of the performance of the company in giving quality telecommunication services.

Another probable effect when a multicultural workforce is implemented in Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc is the effectiveness and quality of communication. Communication is always seen on a group of people or a team. When the transfer of information is not effective between the personnel, the performance of the company as a team may be sacrificed. This is because when working as a team with the same purpose or goal, harmonious relationship must exist in the said team so that all the works are being managed well. Good and effective communication means that the messenger transfer the information in a clear and fast way and the receiver receives the message at the right time with the right amount of information. There is a probability that the personnel may not communicate well and effectively because of cultural differences. The tone of the voice of a given culture may be different to other culture and if personnel speak, miscommunication may arise.

The most crucial possible effect when a multicultural workforce is implemented is the low performance of the company when giving a quality telecommunication service as well as sacrificing the costumer service standards. If this happen, the performance of the company will fall.


Worldwide Telecommunications, I. (2007). We make telecommunications work for you! [Electronic Version]. Retrieved October 4, 2007 from

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