Analysis of Organizational Structure within Grameenphone Telecommunications

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4.1 The Impact of an Organizational Structure on the Management of Human Resources: Grameenphone is now the taking telecommunications service supplier in Bangladesh with more than 28.7 million endorsers as ofA October 2010. Grameenphone was offered a cellular licence in Bangladesh by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. Grameenphone launched its service on the Independence Day of Bangladesh. After about 10 old ages of operation, Grameenphone has over 10 million endorsers.

Every organisation has its direction and employees, they are of import for accomplishing the organisational aims. In every organisation there is an organisational construction which is a chart, shows the manner of the nature of its authorization and duty constellation.

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Mintzbergs Model on Organisational Structures: Henri Mintzbergs ( 1980 ) presented in his book The Structuring of Organisations and Structure in 5 ‘s: Designing Effective Organizations. Harmonizing to Mintzbergs organisation are formed of five chief parts, they are discussed as follows

Operating nucleus: Who are related to the productions and services.

Strategic vertex: Those who observe the organisation is function its mission efficaciously and assist those employees who control the power over the administration.

Middle-line directors: With the strategic vertex makes a concatenation.

Techno construction: By impacting the work of others, the analysts serve the organisation and develop the employees to make the responsibilities but they do non make themselves.

Support Staff: To back up the staff, compose the specialized units.

The Organizational Structure is guidelines for an organisation to form and be after the work force harmonizing to their duties. The impact of organisation construction is that by utilizing this, the Human Resource Department can categorise all the employees into winners and non-achievers.

The Organizational Structure of Grameenphone is given bellow which represents the duties of the employees of Grameenphone. GP has more than 4500 full and impermanent employees. There are another 150,000 people are straight dependent on Grameenphone for their support working for the GP traders, rub card mercantile establishments, retail merchants, providers, contractors, providers, sellers and others.

Grameenphone Board of Directors

Grameenphone Organogram & A ; Management

  1. Grameenphone Board of Audit Committee
  2. Financial Services Scheme
  3. Sweeping Business
  4. Sourcing
  5. Company Secretary
  6. Internal Audit
  7. Chief Executive officer
  8. Stakeholder Relationss
  9. Deputy Chief executive officer
  10. Chief Technology Officer
  11. Chief Commercial Military officer
  12. Chief Communication Officer
  13. Chief Financial Officer
  14. Chief Peoples Officer
  15. Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

The organisational construction of Grameenphone showed the employees roll of responsibilities and their appellations.

4.2 The Impact of an Organizational Culture on the Management of Human Resources: Organizational civilization is the behavior of the organisation. Organizational civilization represents the values, premises, norms and touchable marks of the employees of the organisation and their behaviors.

Harmonizing to Schein ( 1988 ) “ The deeper degree of basic premises and beliefs that are: erudite responses to the group ‘s jobs of endurance in its external environment and its jobs of internal integrating ; are shared by members of an organisation ; that operate unconsciously ; and that define in a basic ‘taken -for-granted ‘ manner in an organisation ‘s position of itself and its environment ” .

Harmonizing to Trice and Beyer ( 1984 ) “ Any societal system originating from a web of shared political orientations dwelling of two constituents: substance-the webs of intending associated with political orientations, norms, and values ; and forms-the patterns whereby the significances are expressed, affirmed, and communicated to members ” .

To better employees ‘ satisfaction, favorable to pulling and retaining endowment, the impact of organisational civilization is of import. A good civilization can make a pleasant and friendly ambiance and good organisation relationships and this sort of ambiance decidedly increase the involvement of the employees.

In Grameenphone the organisational civilization is fulfilling and the ambiance is friendly. Here every employee enjoys while making their work and the employees are so much co-operative.

4.3 The Effectiveness of Human Resources Management is monitored in Grameenphone: The effectivity of human resources direction in any organisation depend some sorts of thins such as right people in the right topographic point and at the right clip to run into quickly altering organisational necessity. To supervise the effectivity of human resources direction in Grameenphone the undermentioned constituents are discussed:

HRM Strategy: Every organisation has its ain Human Resource Management Strategies, Grameenphone has besides its HRM Strategies. Grameenphone has good structured Organogram and the right people are in right topographic point. Every employee does their responsibilities unfeignedly and they all are good trained and suited for that station. This is why Grameenphone is the taking telecom in Bangladesh.

HRM Policies: Human Resource Management policies mean the regulations and the guidelines for the employees in order to the hiring, appraisal, preparation and wages of the employees. Grameenphone has such male monarch to HRM policies for the employees and harmonizing to this GP provides all male monarchs of installations to the employees.These are to be monitored non merely in Grameenphone but besides in every organisation for the effectivity.

4.4 Make Justified Recommendations to Better the Effectiveness of Human Resources Management in Grameenphone: To better the effectivity of Human Resources Management the undermentioned things need to be justified.

Benchmarking HR public presentation: Benchmarking is a procedure to assist to better the concern processes. It besides helps place, understand and accommodate outstanding patterns to better organisational public presentation. To warrant the HR public presentation Benchmarking is one of the attacks. Benchmarking does the undermentioned intents:

  1. Benchmarking helps to larn from others company ‘s errors and successes.
  2. It uses as a procedure to actuate the employees to alter.
  3. It besides enables to present the HR patterns by analyzing the manner from other organisation.

By following the Benchmarking procedure Grameenphone is developing the HR scheme and twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours bettering their services. GP learns from its rival and using the new scheme in human resource direction and bettering their public presentation.

Stakeholder positions: To fulfill the demands of its stakeholders the of import tools in the human resources patterns are the preparation, staffing and public presentation direction. In Grameenphone clients wants good webs services and sensible call rate from the company. Besides employees want their occupations satisfaction and wages systems from the company by supplying their accomplishments and services.

HRM service degree understandings and criterions: A service degree understandings is a formal conformance between two parties. One party will supply workplace environment to the other. The service degree understandings include public presentation criterion and steps and proctor, evaluate for its effectivity. Every organisation has this sort of understandings to mensurate the effectivity to supervise. Grameenphone is non the different company ; GP besides has the HRM service degree understandings and criterions to mensurate its effectivity.

By making these activities Grameenphone is bettering its human resources direction and supplying hitter web services in Bangladesh.

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