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WWAC Radio Station

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Although it may be true that changing format of WWAC radio station will prevent the decline in listener numbers, the author, however, needs more specific evidence to strengthen his proposal since there are several logical flaws in the argument. First, since the author’s plan of changing take the new residents as their aimed new listeners, specific evidence should be given to indicate what mainly cause the decline in listener number, or the solution will probably not be effective.

There are chances that the decreased audience is resulted from competition of other radio stations, or of TV programs.

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WWAC Radio Station
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Perhaps there happened to be a new popular TV real show recently that the draws most of the local residents’ interest from radio station. Besides, considering most people tend to listen to the radio when driving, a financial crisis that leads to the delinedecline in car purchasing may also contribute to the decline in radio listener numbers. Yet, the recommendation in the argument will not contribute to solving any of these potential problems.

Therefore, more evidence that can rule out the possible influence from other factors will largely support the author’s proposal. In addition, there should be more proof to indicate that the continuing decline in local sales of recorded music is attributable to lack of interest in music of local residents, otherwise the author cannot rule out other possibilities. For example, perhaps, considering the rapid development of internet, nowadays people are more likely to download music online instead of purchasing CDs in the shop.

Or, perhaps, it is the insufficient variety and quantity of the music in local shop that render residents to purchase less recorded. Although they may bear great interests towards music, perhaps towards rock-music, they cannot get their favored music types in local stores. Then if under this circumstance, the radio staionstation will be greatly benefited from broadcasting these gernesgenres, and thus the author’s recommendation is weakened. Finally, the author in his argument hastily proposes that the radio station should change to a news and talk format.

However, the mere states that this kind of form is increasingly popular in this area is not convincing enough; more details and information should be displayed to support the conclusion. It is possible that the news and talk format is welcomed when broadcasted in other radio stations, while the main reason of which is because the competitor is able to invite a lot of celebrities and stars to their program. But WWAC radio station, however, do not have the ability and influence.

Also, since the current format of WWAC radio station is rock-music, it is quite risky to change that the station will probably lost a large amount of their current listeners. Then even if it gains new audience through changing to a news and talk format, the total number of listeners will remain declined. Only after the author takes all these potential risks and problems into considerations could he makes a persuasive and solid argument. In conclusion, as discussed above, the author should provide more specific evidence to make up his flaws in the argument, and thus make his proposal convincing and valid enough.

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WWAC Radio Station. (2016, Sep 02). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/wwac-radio-station/

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