Global Problems of Modern Society

In today’s world, we face many challenges. These challenges are affecting us, the people and the planet in many ways. One thing that is wrong with our world is our planet is being destroyed and is becoming very dirty as if the people that live here on this planet think that this is a dumping ground and that we can just throw trash on the ground. People are destroying the planet by doing things such as not recycling, littering, and just simply not helping clean up the earth. We all see all of these advertisements and commercials to ‘go green’ and use the ‘go green’ products multiple times, each and every day. But, we the people are barely doing anything about these causes that are destroying the world. It’s almost as if we completely ignore the fact that this could make it come to an end.

Many animals are also dying and their habitats are being completely destroyed on the land, and also in the ocean. These animals are dying every day and humans don’t realize that doing just one little thing , by just not throwing garbage on the ground can make a huge difference and change the fact that these horrible things are happening.
Another thing that is wrong with our world is poverty. Poverty is a very serious cause that is wrong with our world. There are so many people suffering from poverty it’s unreal. There are so many people in our community that do not even have a home or a place to live, or even just a place to sleep at night and we do absolutely nothing about that. All some people, especially children and teenagers, do is make fun of the people that are on the street. It’s almost as if they think that these people are just ‘hobos’ and they don’t have feelings or anything. Some people really don’t understand how good they have it, to be able to sleep in a bed at night, eat a hot meal, or even just be able to take a shower. Because not.

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