An Argument against Abortion and the Problems in American Society Connected to It

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Of the numerous American Problems in today+s society, abortion is, without a doubt, one of the most culturally significant and opinion-forming. it is a topic that has the American public diVided by values and ethics. Some believe it is immoral and murderous to abort a potential human being: others that it a necessity in today+s world and that it is the choice of the caring woman and her close ones. We are against abonion in most cases, because of the fact that there are so many other solutions and alternatives that could not only save a life, but could make moral and ethical logic. Also, it involves the killing of a developed human child that could potentially make culturally significant contributions to the World Of course, it is an issue that forms emotional opinions, and many would disagree With our View. However, when the topic is Viewed as awhole, we feel that there are better ways to solve this American Problem.

The alternatives to abortion are so abundant that it makes having one performed appear illogical. Much can be done to solve the problem in ways that are in the interests of all parties. For instance, an adoption is almost always an option in these cases, If the Woman were to have the child and give it to an adoption agency, rather than have it aborted. it would allow the child to enjoy a full life with all benefits, instead of no life at all. Adoption agencies would not only choose and build a good life for the child, but they would allow the mother to approve beforehand. The typical adopted teenager is growing up healthy in a strong adoptive family, according to a new Search Institute study entitled Growing Up AdoptedX.

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There are, of course, other examples of solutions that can help the problem be solved. For one, abortion is especially a moral outrage because of the fact that a developed human child is being terminated; a potential life is being torn away prematurely. If an unplanned sexual encounter occurs Without protection having been used, the morning after pill is a solution. That way, there are no human beings being killed, just a fertilized egg being discontinued. Of course, it is always best to plan ahead at all stages and be cautious. If one is going to have sex, protection of all kinds should always be used. Where necessary and appropriate, of course. all who are below an age not yet mature enough to successfully handle the responsibility of sex and potential consequences should choose abstinence at all times. The best protection against unplanned pregnancy, and for that matter, sexually transmitted disease is to not have sex at all.

When responsibility for one+s actions are aptly accepted, abortion should not even have to be a serious option. If the mother does not feel right about givmg her child away, there is always the possrbility of srngle parenting, or raising the child with their partner. Of course, the mother and father would have to be exceptionally strong and lucky to pull it off. Problems like money trouble and extreme stress are hard to overcome without help from outsiders. It is, of course. important to make it clear that it is not the end of their worlds, |Most people agree that abortion should be a rare procedure. To accomplish that ideal, our society must proactively by providing resources and suppon, offer pregnant Women the hope that carrying their babies to term is not the end of their plans and dreams X (Abortion Perspectives homepage).

However, when the parent(s) do not want to give it away and feel an obligation to it, although she knows she herself (nor with her partner) can supply the life the child deserves, receiving help from family and friends is always an option. Giving the grandparents custody would also be possible, and would give both the child and the parents some much needed a55istance. Adoption is such a major problem because of the morals and ethics involved within. After viewing an aborted child, it is extremely hard not to view abortion as murder, even slaughter. It takes atoll upon one+s conscience when it is realized that human children can legally be terminated like that, especially. With all the alternatives and solutions given above.

Of course there are always opposing opinions. Many potential mothers believe that abortion is the only way out of their problems, and that is because many are not shown all of their options. Many people who support abortion feel that it is the mother+s choice alone, and that is a valid opinion if, of course, they know all of their choices. But chances are, most mothers that consider abortion feel trapped in their situation, and do not see any other ways out of their problems. Of course, abortion is not always the Wrong decision. In cases such as rape and incest, it would be wrong to bring a child conceived under such circumstances into the World. Another exception is when the mother’s health would be in ieopardy if she were to go on with the pregnancy and have the baby. It would not be better to save the life of someone already experienced in the glow of existence and lose one who has never seen the light of day rather than bring a baby into the world that has lost a mother before they are even fully conscious.

These are all exceptions to the mainstream issues. however. In the majority of the time. these are not instances involved In the everyday abortions. Even though we do not feel that abortion is the answer. we strongly feel that shoWing one+s discontent through Violence is wrong and Just adds to the problem. Taking away numerous lives in order to try to protect others does not seem like a rational chome, One such example of protesting gone too far is the stream of clinic bombings. This is impossibly wrong. because the people whose clinics are being bombed will never take the time to listen to what the bombers have to say because they will be too busy trying to rebuild what they destroyed.

According to People Weekly magazine. in 1984, |24 abortion-related facilities were bombed or torched nationwide. These numbers have continuously gone up as time has passed on. Another example is the growmg trend of abortion doctors being killed in their homes. many times while With their families. One example is Dr. Barnett Slepian. who performed abortions, |Dr, Slepian. lather of four….was shot and killed by a sniper while standing with his wife and son in his kitchen. The article also states that Dr. Slepian was lthe seventh medical practitioner to be killed since 1992. X That statistic shows how ridiculous the situation has become.

Although the people using Violence feel that it is their best option. we believe that much more could be accomplished if people were to Sit down. talk and discuss over what they obviously feel so strongly about. Minds at work better benefit all when focused on peace and understanding. Abortion is one of the biggest of American Problems today. People kill and die over an issue that arouses extremely strong and emotional opinions. The future does not look very bright for this topic. because so many act irresponsibly and Without precaution that negative consequences are inevitable. The problem can only be solved if and when people choose to act rationally and my to solve their differences peacefully. With this in mind. abortion is undoubtedly an important and significant American Problem.

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