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Comparison of Life and People’s Needs in 1900 and 2000



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    1900 Vs 2000 Essay, Research Paper

    1900 Versus 2000

    I think that we take for granted the things that we have today. Just expression at all

    of the inventions in engineering and quality of life over the last 100 old ages. Back in

    the twelvemonth 1900, things went brainsick. All kinds of new innovations were coming out all of

    the clip, and people were going rich beyond their wildest dreams. In my sentiment,

    the past 100 old ages have left us in a wholly different universe.

    Back in the early 1900? s people were amazed to see a individual driving down the

    route in something called an? automobile. ? This was amazing. Peoples were acquiring

    about without a Equus caballus to draw them. All the individual had to make is press the gas pedal to

    do the auto move. Another astonishing innovation was the gesture image. Peoples who

    had ne’er seen anything better than a exposure of something were now seeing a

    to the full animated film. Of class, a film is nil more than a series of images,

    but to them, it brought them right into whatever they were watching, as if they were

    really at that place.

    One thing that made the immense universe a whole batch smaller was the innovation of

    the telephone. Before it, people had to wait for hebdomads for the mail to reassign letters

    back and 4th between them and their friends or relations, but now they could merely

    pick up the phone and dial the figure of the individual that they wanted to speak to. The

    telephone has become a major portion of each of our lives.

    All of these great innovations did take their toll on society though. Peoples who

    one time felt really of import now felt little and undereducated. They had no thought how all

    of these complicated things worked and that scared them. many of them wished that

    none of these things had of all time been invented.

    Today, engineering is progressing at an unbelievable rate. You can

    ? T even purchase a

    computing machine that International Relations and Security Network? T already disused. Peoples can now pass on with a picture

    phone, or wing to another state in a affair of hours. You can run a multi million

    dollar concern from your computing machine at place. Peoples can travel on the Internet and happen

    out information on everything from the conditions to a formula for poulet soup.

    Unlike 1900, if you don? t acquire a good instruction in today? s universe, you will non

    be successful. Even people who go to college aren? Ts guaranteed to do a batch of

    money. Today, a auto can be 10s of 1000s of dollars, where as back in 1900 you

    could acquire one for under a 1000. Back so people were worried about the

    devastation of the woods, and today, we worry about what states might destruct us

    with atomic arms.

    It seems to me that people at the early portion of the last century were a batch

    happier than people of today. They were surrounded by all of the exhilaration of the

    quickly altering universe. Peoples were ever traveling to parties and holding merriment. Today,

    I hear a batch of talk about how bad people are. There is ever something on the intelligence

    about how a small simple pupil has merely killed his schoolmate, or some adolescents

    1. hold massacred their school like in the aquilegia incident. I hear people say that my

    coevals will be the ruin of this state. Just expression at the name generation-x.

    To me that means that people see my coevals as something that is merely at that place with

    no intent. I? ll admit that there are a batch of shirkers today, but there were merely as

    many in the yesteryear.

    On the other manus, the economic system of today is dining. Peoples are doing more

    money than they can pass. There is decidedly something to be said for that. I think

    that the following 10 to twenty old ages could be vary amazing in the things that they have to


    Comparison of Life and People’s Needs in 1900 and 2000. (2018, May 03). Retrieved from

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