Howard Days 2010 Essay

Bill Cavalier recently posted an update on this year’s Howard Days at the REHupa website.  The theme this year will be “The Illustrators of Robert E - Howard Days 2010 Essay introduction. Howard.”  Of course other Howard topics will be discussed, but the main thrust will be the artwork that illustrates REH’s stories.

Jim and Ruth Keegan will be the Guests of Honor.  Both Jim and Ruth are well known among Howard fans for their continuing strip The Adventures of Two-Gun Bob, which appears in all the Dark Horse comics that feature Howard creations.  They’ve also illustrated the “Best of Robert E. Howard” volumes for Del Rey, as well as the upcoming El Borak and Other Desert Adventures.

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Plans call for an art show featuring original artwork, as well as drawings donated by the likes of the Keegans, Gary Gianni, Mark Schultz and others for the Silent Auction.

I’ll also be debuting TGR #14, as well as a special art project that will benefit the Howard House and Project Pride.

Keep a lookout for updates on the web and make your plans to attend.  If you love great artwork coupled with Howard’s writings, this will an event you won’t want to miss.

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