A Case Study of Life Story Shivaji in Creating the Stable Future Within All Threats

A Case study of Life story Shivaji in creating the stable future within all threats (A lesson for new age manager) Objective of the case: In the midst of all the storms burning the flame of hope and aspiration of independent Maratha Kingdom seems to be absolutely impossible against the shrewd and powerful Mogul ruler like Aurangzeb and global Naval power of Britishers which is a unique lesson which present Indian industry which new age manager can learn to create a stable business empire within all the threats.

It is the case of courage, confidence and conviction to overpower the troops of thousands time more powerful with his military acumen, analytical skill, alertness, adherence to ethics, simple life till the end of his life. As many king become victim of ego, indulgence, the power and prosperity they gained during their lifetime but the king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was unique, exceptional who could able to maintain the level of humility, courage and his indomitable spirit to fail all the failure in his lifetime.

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Many small-scale industries in the present crisis can learn lesson how to keep their hope alive within all the tragedy and to retaliate against the crisis with new vigor and strength. Number of time Shivaji has faced tragedy and failure he has bounced back with fresh enthusiasm, courage and love for Vatan(the sacred land). His patriotism, love for Vatan, physical and psychological energy is unending, infinite and very difficult to overpower. His moral strength is more than the military strength which could able to sustain the campaign in midst of acute physically disadvantage position.

Irrespective of all the storms and tide he has exhibited unshakable faith in God, seniors, self, whole team and last but not the least the time; that has resulted indomitable empire which lasted for hundreds of years and also act as a inspiring figure for future India in fighting against the Britishers to gain Swaraj(Self ruling Kingdom). His tactics of turning a crisis, threats and tragedy to a opportunity and good luck for millions is unmatchable. His heroic activity has not only inspired and filled courage in the people present during his time but the generation after generation we had gathered nspiration for exemplary patriotism for Vatan. The man who could able to foresight the future and formulate such military and civil code such that the whole state remain firm and invincible from hundred of years till his death and even after his death. Vision and mission The man who gave destiny to the whole nation through his foresighted vision with relentless effort, determination, sacrifices the hero of the Vatan (the son of the soil) Vir Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

The unique personality and also unique among all the world conquer that the legacy he has left for whole forthcoming generation, the whole nation the Bharat. The holistic development he has undertaken in the field of political system, a powerful military, naval, culture, people welfare, language are reflecting his multi-dimension personality. The disciplined life, respect for mother, for the Gurus and extraordinary firmness in character, respect for the women, religious shrine irrespective of religions made him one of the most respected king among the Hindu and among many Muslims.

The freedom fighter of Vatan having no hatred ness for either Muslim religion or Muslim people but having a sincere desire to protect the Vatan the “Hindavi Swarajya” from foreign invasion. Above all he is the entrepreneur who could able to establish an invincible empire and sow the seed for creation of future India with only resource of courage, rest all the resources automatically follow to his dream and dedication. The mission was erupted like a small string with revolt against the Bijapur Sultanate to protect Maratha later against powerful king like Aurangzeb, British, Portugese etc.

There are many things the future manager to handle crisis converting a threat to an opportunity. The reforms he had formulated in the form of military organization, logistics and innovations to turn the political storm into unshakable empire against the mighty competitors can be followed. Maturity attached to state of mind not with age only: In spite of being the youngest son of the family at early age who could able to justify his right to rule the whole Maratha with his sacrifice, tolerance, concern for other and positive attitude .

He had never entered into conflicts with his elder brother to capture the throne. Though he started his career as independent prince at early age but his perseverance, patients and respect is remarkable as he never utilize the title of King till his father was alive. He was absolutely free from the attachment of the title and royal hospitality. In 1645 he started his early expedition at the age of 17 with complete success with series of campaign by 1647 could able to capture the fort of Kondana and Rajgad forts and complete control of Pune region.

So the maturity is not attached with age it is a state of mind which he had built through training and teaching from the mother and a number of teachers appointed by the father. Jijabai the mother of the lad had instilled a natural love for self determination and an aversion to external political domination. Her commitment for indigenous culture and her tales from the Great Indian epics of Mahabharat and Ramayan along with all the military and cultural training molded Shivaji’s character . In the young age he had shown the maturity of his planning and decision making.

As youngest member of family at such young age he had never allowed himself to be careless and easy going. His sincerity, understanding, concerns, intellectual ability with skill has made him a matured person who is dutiful, responsible and having tremendous self restraint. Competitive Advantage: Unique military campaign: Shivaji knew it well it is impossible to make frontier attack on the large and trained troops of Aurangzeb so he adopted the three of the now recognized principle of the war swar security , mobility and surprise attack.

He communicated his vision and mission with two chosen word “Swaraj” and “Swadharm” which touched the innermost emotion of the people of Maharashtra and could able to unite all the disunited Hindu mass together. In spite of holding smaller army then the neighbor still only through innovation , geographical knowledge and proper logistics attached with the unending inspiration and self immolation for Vatan of whole army force could able to defeat the spirit and strategy of the enemy.

Ganims Kava is the unique war strategy utilized by Shivaji to defend the enemy , he was equally powerful in defensive and offensive tactics. It is a kind of war waged when enemy used to have upper hand in fact they were unable to face him. Under such circumstances to cut off enemy supply lines , ravaged and burnt down the surrounding territories, made encircling maneuvers with views to harassing the enemy forces and attack his rear and both flanks without making decisive engagement in front. Power and Indulgence He did not waste physical health, psychological health, time , money for indulgence and luxury .

Never allowed to distract his mind from the freedom of Vatan( Sacred homeland) He mingled freely with his subject to spend time with them to better understand their thoughts, issues and challenges. It is reported that he enjoyed simple meals of crushed onion and “bhakris”( Roti) with his foot soldiers. He did not spend any resources on projects designed for self aggrandizement or vanity, instead he was propelled by his sense of Dharma(sacred duty) to his people and country he was sincere with his vision. Shivaji was once offered as war booty an extremely beautiful young lady, by an uninformed Maratha Captain.

She was the daughter-in-law of a defeated Muslim Amir(local ruler) of Kalyan Maharashtra. He told her to go back to her family in peace, unmolested and under his protection. His behavior was noted by those around him to be always of highest moral caliber. He clearly and unambiguously embodied the virtues and ideals of a true nobleman. Intelligence, Information and communication: Deputed spies in the form of Sadhus (Saint ) different part of state to collect the information regarding the enemy. Spies played major role and Shivaji has maintained perfect, coordination and communication strategy.

Ramdas Swamiji guru of Shivaji Maharaj established Maruti Temples so that people could congregate in the temple so that information can easily been transferred from royal house to common masses and vise-a-versa. Reformation and Innovation: All standing army belonging to state called paga. Creation of part time soldiers from peasants who worked for His mobile and light infantry and cavalry were his innovations and they excelled commando. Innovative use of traditional weapons like tiger claw or ‘Bagnakh’, ‘Vita’ was a weapon invented by Shivaji.

Shivaji introduced field craft, guerilla warfare, commando actions and swift flanking attacks. Father of Indian Navy: Shivaji realizes the importance of having safe coastline and protecting the western Konkan coastline from attack of Siddi fleet he realized the tactical advantage of strong Navy and he was concerened with growing dominance of the British Naval Force in Indian territory . he also known as the father of Indian Naval Force. Recruitment and equanimity: Shivaji was secular in his recruitment and promoting the Hindu and Muslim equally in his battalion. t is surprised to find one third of his army was Muslim as were many of his commanders: his most trusted general in all his campaign was Haider Ali Kohari;Darya Sarang was chief of armoury, Ibrahim Khan and Daulat Khan were prominent in Navy and Siddi Ibrahim was chief of Artillery Turning from zero to Hero : Bouncing back from the loss: As Shivaji along with his son was kept in the house arrest by Aurangzeb under the watch of Faulad Khan, Kotwal of Agra. Both of them escaped and reorganized the military campaign to regain the lost territory. under development) Har Har Mahadev(Hail Lord Shiva), a ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and Shiv Shakti (Bhavani) though he was absolutely rational secular in his outlook which we could able to know as we will go through this case still his faith and devotion for Supreme Father was immense and this faith has filled power and energy in his mission in pursuance of his vision. Which was the dream of millions Hindustanis of that period. Questions: 1. What are the values and virtues present age manager should learn from Shivaji? 2.

How does a manager can learn to face threats? 3. How a culture does make difference to become a good leader? 4. What are the factors to be considered by a manager while planning? 5. How do managers can make best use of the resources? 6. What are the factors to be utilized by a manager to fight against big competitors? 7. How does Shivaji’s life story can help an entrepreneur? 8. What can an entrepreneur learn from the Shivaji’s life story? Reference: 1. Book – The first Anglo Maratha war 1774-1785 a military study of major war by M. R. Kantak. 2. Wikepedia

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