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A Christmas Carol – Analysis

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  • Pages 3
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    At the very start in the beginning of the Christmas carol book Ebenezer scrooge is a very mean and nasty man. He kept all of his money to himself and he loved it so much he did not share a penny of it to the poor or the sick. I have got a paragraph here from the book Christmas Carol explaining what scrooge was like. ‘Oh! But he was a tight-fisted hand at the grindstone, Scrooge! A squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous old sinner! Hard and sharp as flint, from which no steel had ever struck out generous fire; secret, and self-contained, and solitary as an oyster.

    The cold within him froze his old features, nipped his pointed nose, shrivelled his cheek, stiffened his gait; made his eyes red, his thin lips blue; and spoke out shrewdly in his grating voice. A frosty rime was on his head, and on his eyebrows, and on his wiry chin. He carried his own low temperature always about with him; he iced his office in the dog-days, and didn’t thaw it one degree at Christmas. ’ This paragraph shows that Scrooge was not a nice looking man. He was very mean to his workers and not many people liked him. Nobody ever spoke to him in the street and said good morning or how are you.

    Even the blind men’s dogs appeared to know him; and, when they saw him coming on, they would tug their owners into doorways and up courts; and then they would wag their tails. So no one in the town liked Ebenezer scrooge at all. Then one night on Christmas Eve before Christmas, 7 years after Jacob Marley had died, this was the night that would hopefully change Ebenezer Scrooge’s life forever if he listened. So when Scrooge was walking back from work to his house he opened his front gate and got his door keys out. The door knocker on the top was a gold brass lion and very big.

    When scrooge put his keys in the key hole he looked at the knocker and the lion wasn’t there anymore no instead it was Ebenezer Scrooge’s former partner Jacob Marley. Scrooge jumped back and was very afraid but when he looked up again it was a knocker and scrooge shouted out Bah, Bah Humbug and went into his house. He looked around the house just to make sure everything was in the right place before getting changed settling down to eat his gruel, but before he did all of those things he double looked himself in his room which never does usually.

    Whilst half way through his gruel, he heard all of the bells in his house start ringing, which was odd because scrooge knew they hadn’t worked for years. Then the bells stopped ringing to produce an eerie silence. After two minutes of the silence he heard a bang and a clanking like a pair of chains scraping across the floor. The noise was coming from the basement and the thing was coming up the basement stairs. Then scrooge heard a bang as the basement door slammed open. Now scrooge heard the something stomping up the stairs.

    Scrooge was on the edge of his chair by now. Scrooge saw the door knob turn but because he had locked it this thing couldn’t get inside and scrooge felt a bit safer. The thing was very mad that he couldn’t get in and roared very loud. After the roar scrooge saw a metal green safe with a chain connecting it come through the door. A moment later five more came through, then Scrooge’s former partner Jacob Marley came through. Here is a paragraph of what happened when the ghost of Jacob Marley told Scrooge that three ghosts are going to haunt him. That is no light part of my penance,’ pursued the ghost. ‘I am here tonight to warn you that you have yet a chance and hope of escaping my fate. A chance and hope of my procuring, Ebenezer. ’ ‘You were always a good friend to me,’ said scrooge. ‘Thankee! ’ ‘You will be haunted,’ resumed the ghost, by three spirits. ’ Scrooge’s countenance had fell almost as low as the ghost’s had done. ‘Is this the chance and hope you mentioned, Jacob? ’ he demanded in a faltering voice. ‘It is. ’

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