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A Detached Observation of Society? – Carol Ann Duffy Poetry Essays

To be detached is to be out off society and to look upon it only observant and uncaring. Although Carol Ann Duffy may write many detached personas within her poems and use a lot of themes of isolation, loneliness and all round being away or in some way abused by society, I think that she herself is not in fact completely detached. An example of one of the methods of her writing that may make her seem detached is her Persona within Education for Leisure.

Straight off from the first line of the first stanza she uses language to show the psychopathic tendencies of the Persona - ‘Today I’m going to kill something’. Then follows it with ‘I have had enough of being ignored’ showing that he most likely has no friends or anyone close to him and that people tend to dismiss him which would follow the theme of isolation.

Another example of why she may be detached through this poem is the simple and straightforward language of the Persona how he killed the animals without a second thought about it and he didn’t care afterwards as well and with the inclusion of ‘I touch your arm’ not only is it a threat directly to the reader but it seems to be more unnerving at the fact that he didn’t seem to think of the morals behind it, he just wanted to go out and kill something more and play God because he was bored, which shows a sense of being detached and to look upon what he was doing uncaringly.

Then strikes the question of how can you write something so detached without at least experiencing detachment at least a bit first? But an argument against that Carol Ann Duffy is detached can be found within Lizzie, Six. Within Lizzie, Six Duffy tries makes you feel sorry for the main persona of Lizzie who is abused. She uses language such as ‘I’m afraid of the dark’ and ‘I’m thinking of love’ to portray Lizzie’s innocence and also gives her less lines than her abuser maybe showing her oppressed.

Duffy also rhymes the last word of each stanza which the abuser speaks, giving it a harsh spitting effect. All of these things makes the abuser seem harsher and a lot more dislikable which therefore makes you more sympathetic towards Lizzie. If Carol Ann Duffy was detached and uncaring, she would not try to make the reader feel sorry for Lizzie, so she must be attached. Therefore my conclusion to the question - A detached observation of society. How far do you agree with this description of the poetry of Carol Ann Duffy? s that Carol Ann Duffy is not in fact detached because not only in Lizzie, Six but in many of her other poems Duffy tends to try and make you feel something for quite a few of her Personas and without knowing you are on the emotional side of a character. But I also think that sometime in her life she has experienced being detached and it is shown in her work. So the poetry of Carol Ann Duffy is both detached and not but most of her poems are not detached.

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